Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Time MARCHES on...................

Time is a constant. We all have the same amount of time.  Have you ever wondered how many seconds there are in a year???

one year = 365 days
one day = 24 hours
one hour = 60 minutes
one minute = 60 seconds
so now it is easy to see that there are 31,536,000 seconds in a years.   (365 X 24 X 60 X 60)

I love this quote about time

Supposedly the speed of time does not change - it does not slow down or speed up, I swear that it does. When you are having fun - time just speeds up. When you are doing something you hate - time slows to a crawl!!!!!

Yesterday, time was flying by with no regards to my protests that I was NOT having a good time.   NOPE - TIME was not fooled by my comments.  OK - so I was having a blast - back to my projects and I am happy to report that I made 16 of them - they are 100% finished. Now when has that ever happened in my life?????   NEVER.  And while I could make more - I think I have exhausted my ideas which is exactly what I wanted to do.   There are more to make, but all will be some version of my 16.  I know - it is frustrating to not show you!!!!   Just wait for it. 

BTW - for those of you who want to follow along with QUILTsocial - I have the link under the Section - BLOGS I FOLLOW - so you can easily get to it. This week there are a few reruns (yes - even on a blog) of all the blog writers. 

Let's just say that time is very precious to me this week. I have fun days planned, I have loads of work and well I am supposed to be doing some gardening and housework.  When I got home from Monday sewing, there was my kid sprawled in the driveway while Berke worked at emptying the big bag of mulch that has been sitting there for two months.  God bless him for coming to my rescue.  If I ever win the lotto - I care nothing about a new house or a new car - I want a gardener, a house keeper, a chef and a secretary!!!!!   Or maybe I find ONE person to do that all and call it a wife!  Yes - I want a wife!!!!!

Berke - hard at work moving the mulch
Well look who came to visit yet again.  I think that Milo is trying to tell us something.  "I want to stay here with my girlfriend Sammy!!!!!"    It is so much nicer here than at home and look - they have dirt!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh oh oh - look at me!!!!!!!

Oh look at me NOW - this mulch is so awesome and it is cool!!!!!

I love this place!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sammy - way too sophisticated to play in the dirt!

Sparky hiding in the garden
 CRAP - if Berke is moving the mulch - I had better get my act together and get rid of some of the weeds before he puts the mulch down.  I thought I was going to die from the heat, but there was a nice breeze and it was actually quite pleasant to work outside.  I think I was out for an hour and a half.

Me - weeding the edge of the driveway and if I ever buy another house  - it will NOT have interlock for a driveway - NEVER. I hate it. 

Once the mulch was moved - I was off to the beer store and picked up two refreshing cases of beer - one for Berke and one for me!!!!    Thank goodness M does not like beer.

And speaking of M - well give her a camera and ...........................

There she is - another selfie!!!!!!   I never know what I will find on my camera. 

HAPPY CANADA DAY to everyone. 

I will be tucked away in the studio - got quilts to do, more blogging, more stitch outs - and well just another day of craziness. But I am loving every minute of it - so that makes it OK.   I am very thankful every day that I get to do what I want (well for most of the day) - but I would appreciate a day off soon!!!!!    That bike trip is looking more and more enticing as the days go on. 
OK - so I am not into selfies - but take note that while I am in the girl cave today(which is cold) - I shall be dressed to celebrate Canada Day. 

My Canada Day head wear!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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