Monday, July 14, 2014

The best laid plans....................

I see that I did not post this - this was the second day of The Ride to Conquer Cancer

Ever had one of those days when you have plans laid out - timing is on and you are set to go?   Yep - today was supposed to be that kind of day. But alas - timing was off the ENTIRE day.

Here are the stats for Day two of The Ride to Conquer Cancer

The Ride to Conquer Cancer Day Two

Since I stayed at home rather than at Mohawk College, I got a ride to the college to get my bike and start Day Two. Well I thought they were not letting riders start until 7 AM, but they must have started them at 6:30 AM because when we arrived, riders were already leaving. No worries - I walked the last way since the roads were blocked to cars.

Then on to get my bike in the farthest corner of the bike corral.  Oh CRAP - my tire that was giving me trouble the day before is COMPLETELY FLAT.   No worries - there is a bike service on site. They changed the tube for me and then I was off.

The ride itself was pretty uneventful.  I arrived in Niagara Falls in good time.  It is always so emotional to arrive and see all the spectators.  You know that everyone involved is riding for someone or for some cause and it makes me sad. But happy that we are raising money to hopefully make the lives of those with cancer just a little bit better.

I had decided to take the bus back to Ontario Place and from there I would take public transit back home. Let's just say that the ride home was almost longer than it took me to ride my bike from Hamilton to Niagara. As soon as we arrived at the Falls, the bikes are whisked onto trucks to be transported back to Toronto.  My bike was on Truck Number TWO.  Important to remember that number. Then I had lunch, wandered around a bit and then hopped on the second bus out.   We made good time to Ontario Place and hopefully Truck Number TWO will be there when we arrive.

Got to sit right up front in the bus.  Best place to sit and no one ever seems to want that seat.  I know - if there is ever an accident - they will be the first one out the window????   I don't know - but I like to see where I am going. 

Oh look - there is a truck waiting in the parking lot of Ontario Place - perfect.  NOPE - that is Truck Number THREE. Number ONE has already come and gone. But where is Truck TWO?????   Apparently it got stuck at the way station?  Seriously????   It was a truck filled with BICYCLES - I hardly doubt that overweight was an issue.  It must have been something else and that is what they told us.   Anyway - after waiting at least 1 1/2 hours (I know!!!!)  the truck finally arrived and then we had to wait for them to unload the truck. I finally got my bike.

Then I zipped over to the GO station to take the train home.  Had to wait about 10 minutes - no big deal. BUT the train was late - only five minutes, but it was because of high volume?   WHAT?????   The train arrived at the station and there was NO WAY I was going to get on that train.  The baseball game just ended and the train - even the end cars were PACKED.  OH CRAP.  So I had to wait another half hour for the next train.  If I didn't make that train - well I should have just started to ride home!!!!  

Waiting in the shelter at the GO station for the next train

Anyway - next train arrives and I got on the end car which was full, but enough room for me.  By this time - it is raining. I was going to ride home from the station, but I had to get someone to come and pick me up.  Let's just say that I was happy to get home.  I think I finished riding at 12:30 and didn't make it home until after 6 PM. A super day though.  And I have already signed up for next year.

Have a great day!!


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