Saturday, July 12, 2014

London - Day Six

Oh my - I think I am all mixed up in the dates. Today is Saturday right??

A couple of days ago, we went to the V&A Museum. As we looked through the brochure to check out the exhibits, M noticed a one day class on Fashion Journalism that the museum was hosting.  After viewing several of the exhibits, we worked our way up to the Learning Center.  Sorry - the class is full. DRAT!!!!   Well, not to be outdone - we asked if there was a wait list?  Nope - BUT - you could just arrive that day in the event someone doesn't show up.  DONE!!!!

We arrived at 10:30 AM to find that someone else had the same idea!  DRAT!!!   Well - we waited anyway.  Finally the girls in the class started to show up and  oh dear - the class might be full????   The administrator was checking the names and then he came out (he knew these two girls were DESPERATE to get in the class).  So we paid and he let M and this other girl into the class. They were told that if the registered people arrived, they would have to give up their computers.  No problem.  Apparently they had access to the computers the entire class.  The instructor was the editor of the on-line British Vogue (I hope I got that right).  Anyway - I went and got M some lunch and then I had the rest of the day to myself. Well until 4 PM.

I came back to the hotel to change because it was HOT out and I needed to get rid of my sweater and put some shorts on. Thank goodness - we are a 20 minute walk from the museum.  I thought I might try my hand at locating a geocache or two, but since I forgot my GPS at home, I wasn't going to be hopeful about that. I checked out two locations and NOPE - even with the clues, the areas are too broad to be covered without the GPS.  DRAT!!!!!!!!   Oh well - just means I have to come back to get England on my list.  Well I haven't done any if a year, so I guess it really isn't on my priority list.

Back to the museum - there were two exhibits that I wanted to see - photography and modern design. Both were very interesting - yes - I was in the museum a long time today.  Oh boy - I had a devil of a time finding the modern exhibit.  I could see it on the map, but with all the floors, stair cases, closed sections - it took me twenty minutes to find the darn place. Thank goodness it was worth the effort.  Some very interesting pieces of furniture and other items.

Now we are back at the hotel - I have no idea what has happened to my sleep pattern.  I can't seem to sleep at night and was awake until at least 3 AM London time.  I know - it is ridiculous and of course - I am tired in the day because of that.  Well hopefully tonight I am tired and will go to sleep better.

I was able to post pictures on Facebook from yesterday and today so you can check them out there.

And I have to say that I am NOT a good person for the boat. Every since we went on that river cruise - several days ago, my equilibrium is off. I feel like I am on the boat still.  Definitely NOT a good candidate for a cruise.  I have had this before, but this seems to be lingering.  ACK - this never happens to me.  Am I getting old??????   Nope!!!!

Oh crude - I just realized my kid went out for a bit and she is NOT good with directions.  I just realized that I did NOT offer her a map.  Oh dear!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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