Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Fall is in the air......................

OK - if you live in southern Ontario - you can't tell me that it doesn't feel like fall. The air is cool, the nights are fabulous and I'm LOVING IT!!!!!    I know people are complaining because there is no heat, but I could take this weather all year round!!!!

Whatever the weather - fall is literally around the corner and you know what that means?   YES - time to get registered for any upcoming classes. To me fall is like a new beginning - just like when you were a kid and you got to start a new grade.  That feeling still sticks with me.

Over the past couple of weeks (OK - way back in June), I was madly planning out my teaching schedule for this fall and there is a HUGE line-up. BUT I like to take classes myself despite the fact that I am NOT a good student, but we won't go there.

Yesterday, I poring over the brochure for the CreativFestival.  Since I do NOT have to work this fall, I actually get to take some classes.  I am calling today to get registered.  My friend Pauline registered yesterday. And better to do it NOW before the classes fill up. The dates are October 24, 25, 26. The information is NOT on their web site yet - they sent the brochure in a .pdf to those on their e-mail list.


Go to the link above, sign up for their e-mail and hopefully you will get the brochure quickly.  I am very excited about the classes I have chosen - well they are seminars - not classes.  I can cope with seminars - classes is another matter!!!!   I'll be taking the GO to avoid paying for parking!

This fall, I will be teaching classes at

The Hobby Horse,    (they are currently putting the class list together) - there are some exciting things!!!

Ruti's Needlebed   (I am teaching ONE monthly class starting in September. We will be developing new ideas and inspirations for machine quilting designs).  There are at least FIVE time slots booked and I think most are full or almost.  I would NOT delay if you want to get signed up this one - if there is enough demand, they may open up a new time slot.

Sew Sisters.    Check out this link to get the class info and also to check out ONE of the on-going classes that we are going to work on in 2015.   We have a second one that we finally got the OK from the designer and should be up shortly.

I've got two classes that I will be teaching at my home studio - I will provide more info later, but October 30 will be a bag making day. The second thing I am trying to get off the ground is an INTENSE applique class. I will try to get the details up shortly. Let's not forget the Sit n Sew days.  Oh yes - it is going to be a crazy fall and I can't wait to get started!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday was an interesting day - taking pictures, editing pictures and writing.   I LOVE IT!!!!!   I hope so because today is more of the same. Except today - I actually get to do some sewing.

My "studio"

Thanks to Mark for lending me his lights.  Now I have to figure out how to get the optimum lighting. While I am getting much better lighting, the colour is a bit off.  Unfortunately - I don't have a lot of time to figure it all out. What I really need is a day when I can just play. One day!!!!!  Oh well - the pictures are better with less shadow so that is all that counts.   I did a lot of photography when I was at Sheridan College.  They have a massive studio. Anyway - I always love it - you get the perfect lighting and then there is NO ROOM to actually take the shot.  Photographers have to be pretty crafty to get a good shot. Which is why I am still learning!!!!    And CRAP - I have TWO dead battery packs.  I guess I will be sewing stitch outs while I wait for them to charge!!!!

On that note - I am out of here - got more pictures to take and then another post to get ready. The blog posts should be up starting next Monday at    But if you are into hand embroidery - you need to check out the blog this week. There is some amazing embroidery ideas and Christine is NOT using floss.  Looks yummy.

Have a great day!


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