Friday, July 4, 2014

Row by Row Experience FRENZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday - a crazy day - a long day.

It was time to get back to work and so I quilted for most of the day.  Since I am taking the day off again today (I know - one nice thing about freelance type work - VERY flexible hours).  I finished quilting at 10 PM last night and did some tidying up this morning.  No pictures of the studio today - it is bad - let's just leave it at that!

You know how we tend to remember the times when we are rushing around like idiots trying to get everything done as the clock is ticking. You should be in the car, but you are still on the phone or in the bathroom or whatever.  I am happy to report that I have all the plans laid out for today - on a clip board by the front door and now I have a leisurely half hour to get the blog out.   AHHHHHH   - as my friend Robin says - it is NOT luck - it is careful planning and organization.  I must listen to her more!!!!

I heard back from the crazy ladies we met at The Quilting Bee in Fonthill.  They managed 7 stores and 498 KM. That was pretty good considering they were a group.  Did I mention that yesterday???   Oh well - here is even more craziness.  Tish was at Quilter's Dream yesterday afternoon.  Keep in mind the Row by Row Experience started on TUESDAY - TUESDAY of this week.  Well yesterday (that would be WEDNESDAY at noon) someone came in to Quilter's Dream with a finished quilt (bound and labeled) to claim their prize for getting a quilt done FIRST using eight of the patterns. SERIOUSLY??????   All for a prize!!!!    

I did manage to get to Ruti's yesterday to pick up my license plate. I met Lynn on the way out and when I entered the store - the girls asked me where my finished quilt was!!!!!!    Oh boy - I do want to make a quilt from the patterns I collect, but I will take my time and make something that I want - not something done in a hurry to claim a prize.  And you all thought I was highly competitive!!!!!!!!!   I'm not - well depends on the situation.
Here are my three license plates so far.  I think I will be able to get 12 or 14 in total. Again - anyone going to Dryden?????

OK - here is what I accomplished yesterday.

Customer quilt - DONE
Customer quilt - DONE   - -- ooops - this is the BACK of the quilt.  I think she used every scrap that she had - the red around the edge is the waste cloth. 

AH - here is the front of the quilt.   It is BIG, but it is beautiful. 

And there you have it - a big work day.   Note to self: never trust measurements given by the customer - measure, measure, measure - then I wouldn't have to waste time reloading the backing.  Oh well - you would think I would have learnt by now. Obviously NOT!!!!

Hope you get a chance to get out for the Shop Hop or the Row by Row Experience.  Leave your credit card at home if you have no control.

On that note - I still have TEN minutes before I have to leave.   AH - planning - organization.   It works!!!!!!!!     Now where is that check list?????   Joyce mentioned that I forgot one thing on the check list - enter the $25 weekly draw.   Oh yes - can't forget that.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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