Saturday, July 19, 2014

Happy happy happy!!!!!

While it is always nice to get home, I was in so much pain there was no way that I could enjoy being home. I would like to think that I have a relatively high pain tolerance, but every time I even flinched it felt like someone was driving a knife into my leg and then twisting it.  Sitting down on the toilet made me wish that we had a handicap bar - getting up even worse. Driving - well I probably should not have been driving as I was in so much pain. Anyway - I will spare you the gory details, but it was NOT pretty. I like to move and move fast!!!!!

I could NOT even phantom the idea of using the foam roller to get some deep massage into the muscle.  So I took a pain killer and while I could still feel that I was in trouble, the sharp pain was gone. Then some stretches and deep massage with my hand. As deep as I could tolerate.  I have to say that this morning, although again I am not out of the woods, I can actually walk around without looking like I am 100 years old.  Gosh when my Dad got his new hip, I think he walked faster and moved better than I did yesterday.

Bottom line - more stretching and more deep massage with my hand. My whole leg is affected and I need to get this resolved ASAP because I am changing my gait and that affects the knees, the hips and well it has to be fixed. I did some checking because this type of thing usually happens from over use - as in riding a bike for hours.  While I have had very tight IT bands in the past - NOTHING compared to this.  A bit more research revealed that a LOT of use (i.e. walking the streets of London) with IMPROPER footwear is the likely cause of the flare up.  While I do have orthotics in my nice running shoes, the chiropractor and my family doctor have both poo pooed the combination.  I ignored them both, but perhaps?????

So my question - do they have funky orthopedic shoes?????   I think I am a bit young to move into that realm of BEIGE orthopedic shoes.   Perhaps just a good pair of running shoes???  I must do some investigation.   Drat - I love my shoes and I guess they are OK for every day use, but I must resolve this issue for future.  In the meantime - deep massage (and soon I can use the foam roller) and more gentle stretches.

My funky shoes - see I have blue orthotic inserts in there - I wonder why that doesn't help the problem?????

Oh boy - you do not know how happy I was when I woke up this morning.

So you want to see what I bought when I was away.   Keep in mind - I did not buy lots because of the cost and also - I don't really need anything so I was looking for unusual stuff.

OK - so even though I am able to purchase this magazine here in Canada - this was number 102 which is the current issue in Europe.  The current issue for us is 101.  I just had to say that I bought one while I was there.  Then I won't have to run around and find this for a while.  
One thing I noted on my the Southern Ontario shop hop - a number of stores had this magazine, but NONE close to me.  I wonder why?????   And many stores do not have many available for sale, but people have signed up to get the magazine.  I may have to do that to ensure getting it.  It really is a great magazine. One of my favourites.
Of course - some bicycle fabric.  Got this at Fabrics Galore

And no trip would be complete without some LOCAL fabric.  Although I am certain that both of these are US based.  Got these at Liberty's. 

And this is my LIBERTY print (see - NO florals). The colours are just gorgeous and the fabric is so soft.  I don't know yet what I am going to do - but it is gorgeous.   Got this at Fabrics Galore. 

If you are looking to purchase Liberty fabrics - here is a good source guide.  And if you want to see a HUGE selection of Liberty prints - check out this link.   They don`t seem to make fabric lines or coordinating prints - so I have a meter of this - well maybe a yard and it is wide - so it may have to be self contained, but you can do a LOT with stripes. Or maybe I could find a solid Liberty???  Do they exist?

Now I have to say that I am shallow.  No - I am a crow, but instead of liking shiny things - I like ORANGE things. We saw MANY people carrying around these bright orange bags. It was from The SuperDry Store. A store that caters to the younger crowd.  Gosh - my kid knew all the stores - she was a great shopping guide. Anyway - as much as I like orange things - I was NOT going to buy something just to get a bag.
Well one day - we happened to take a short cut to avoid people in the street and there on the sidewalk in a corner was an empty SuperDry Store bag.  I could NOT leave it there so checked it out (to make sure it was clean) and then brought it home.  Not sure what I will do with it - but I like it and it was FREE.

My SuperDry Store bag - OK - now you can call me a hoarder (except that I do have a home for it!!!!)  With all my other shopping bags. 

 Here is the current situation with the license plates for the Row by Row - this is such a cool idea.  Anyway - I now have 10 of them physically in my hands.

Rutis - Mississauga
Thimbles and Things - Orillia
The Quilting Bee - Fonthill
Creative Sisters - Kitchener
Country Concessions - Cookstown (four)
Country Patchworks, - Woodstock
Cherished Pieces - Tilsonburg

I have FOUR more, but not in my hands:
Sew Sister`s - Toronto
Quilter`s Cupboard - Uxbridge
Wee Folks - Selkirk
Creemore - Creemore

My license plates - a total of 14 when the other four arrive

It appears that they have become quite popular.  Some stores have already sold out.  Of course - they may have only purchased 48 or whatever the smallest quantity was.  There are 28 in Ontario and I have half of them.  I know - call me a hoarder and let`s move on. So if you see one of the other stores on your travels this summer and they have a license plate - I will pay you for it.  Just send me a note or leave a comment so I can post it.  Although I am sure I can find a home for any duplicates.    Many stores are sold out and waiting for a new shipment.  Country Concessions and Cobwebs and Caviar are for sure sold out. Carol was there yesterday and that is 19 days into a 60 day long program. Yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the list of stores where I do NOT have a license plate

Sew Crafty - Rideau Ferry,
Sew Creative - Mount Brydges,
Quilter's Line - Markdale,
Kalidoscope of Quilts - Exeter,
We R Quilts - Prescott (two),
Wilton Creek Fabrics - Harrowsmith,
Threads that Bind - Maxwell,
The Quilting Trunk - Dryden
Fabric Fusion - Dryden
Flair With Fabrics -  Chesterville,
Fun With Stitches - Belleville,
Cobwebs and Caviar - Shelburne
Appleseed Quiltworks  - Lindsay.  

Thank goodness my leg is feeling better today because YES - I am getting back on a plane this morning. And it does NOT look good. Oh know - a little recognizance and look what I found at one of my favourite quilt shops.  This picture was under the WHAT`S NEW section.  Hold me back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Life - Enjoy the Ride

OH - in case you are wondering what a foam roller is - check it out.

Foam roller

This is one version of it - mine looks like an over-sized pool noodle - it is 6 inches thick.  You get down on the floor and roll your outer leg over the roller.   EXTREMELY painful at the best of times (unless your muscles are nice and supple which mine are NOT).   Can be used for other parts of the body and is an excellent tool for deep massage.  Much cheaper than a masseuse provided you use it.

Check out this link to see some of the other styles. Mine is very long, but there are lots of shorter, more portable ones.  I may get a smaller one - this one is too hard to travel with.   There is also a picture of a woman rolling out her IT band on this link.   I think it is a must have - I use it at the gym, but not as much as I should.

Foam Rollers

On that note - I am out of here.

Have an awesome day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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