Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Day Three - London

I have no problem staying in a hostel.  They are very cost effective, the people you meet are interesting, breakfasts are cheap.   However I have to say that this hostel - well the hostel itself is OK.  But some of the guests?  It appears that school is still in here in Europe and every school group - is HERE. This morning breakfast was overrun by a bunch of little kids, and at night - there is a group of teens that are driving me crazy.  They keep banging the doors and knocking on doors and yelling until all hours of the night.  I did NOT sleep well last night and then I heard them again at 4:40 AM.  OK - so what is their problem??????

We are back at the hostel tonight and it appears to be a much older clientele tonight?  Let's hope although I am certain that I have see some of the older teens.  I am going to stand outside my door and hollar at them tonight.

Our last night here anyway - then we move down the road. We will see what that is like.

We were ready to leave by about 9 AM - neither of us is speedy these days. We were back on the Hop On Hop Off bus.   We bought a two day ticket which is the perfect amount of time for that bus.  We headed back down to central London to catch the river cruise. We went down the river to The Tower Bridge.  A cool bridge, but makes me laugh at the colours. Who would have thought that the bridge would be painted white, blue and turquoise?????   The blue and white - yes - but where did the turquoise come in?????   Not the tower part - but the swoopy things in between.

It was a great tour. However I do have to say that neither of us make a good tourist. We were not interested in going to see The Tower of London where the Crown Jewels are housed. Nope that would have been a waste of money for us. We walked across the bridge and found a nice quiet little pub for lunch.  Of course M had to have a LARGE glass of wine. I had a hot dog (a sausage) with HOT HOT HOT mustard.  Boy - that cleared out any sinus problem that I may have had.

We were well dressed today - M was probably a bit over dressed, but better to be over dressed than under dressed.  The sun was out for the most part and that made it warm, although it was quite windy.

We walked around central London a bit and hopped on the Hop On Hop Off bus.  The crowds are CRAZY.  I hate crowds.  It is so hard to walk that I just wanted to get away from it all.   AHA - we found a nice grassy spot near Westminster Abbey and OK - we were tired -we had a little nap on the grass. I did feel a whole lot better after that as I was getting a head ache which I don't normally get. We did not go into the Abbey - it was hugely expensive and since neither of us in that much into churches - it would have been a waste. I know - you are thinking that is sad and that I am cheap.  Nope - just don't want to be among the crowds, don't want to spend my money on things that we won't get good value out of. I am trying to justify paying 59 Pounds EACH to go to a Behind the Scenes of Harry Potter.   YIKES!!!!!

Back on the bus to come home and let's face it - we both fell asleep. I guess that is lack of sleep last night and the jet lag kicking in.

But we are getting around London with no problem. Haven't been lost once - mind you we haven't ventured too far out of the norm.

We stopped at the grocery store - Waitrose for dinner.   They have an excllent assortment of prepared items that are very healthy.   It is a great way to have dinner - we can sit in the hostel and get on the computer and eat at the same time.

On that note - I am thinking I need to get a nap in BEFORE those crazies get back tonight (if they do).

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!


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