Monday, July 28, 2014

The Quilt Patch

I made it back home late last night. I am an OK flyer.  If things are smooth - then I am OK. I am busy reading my book and everything is just fine.  Then as we get close to Toronto, they announce that the weather is not the best in Toronto and only one runway is open. There is a backlog and we will have to circle so we circled over Orangeville and Collingwood a couple of times. It is quite cloudy out.  As we are circling - there is a bit of turbulence.  Bob (an Air Canada pilot) says that turbulence is just like bumps on the road - doesn't make me feel any better!!!!    And honestly the turbulence wasn't bad.  

Then I see lightening. Oh boy - that can't be good.  Ah finally we are getting back to the airport.   Have to swing way out over the west end and the sky clears.  Then poof - can't see a thing.  There was one flash of lightening that seemed to be very close. ACK - I don't like this at all. At last there are the lights of Mississauga and oh great - it is pouring rain!!!!!

At last we are on the ground!  People don't applaud anymore, but I did in my mind! Like I said - I am an OK flyer - but things have to be perfect!   Then we had to wait on the tarmac because things were backed up at the gates. Finally we got off and I went to wait for my luggage.   I don't know about you, but whenever I get off a plane and you have to walk up that incline to get to the airport - I feel like an idiot.  I guess my legs are tired from sitting and I am trying to walk my normal pace.  I feel very awkward.

Collected my WET luggage and off to get my ride.  The airport was a ZOO.  Flights were cancelled or major delays.  And it is pouring rain outside and people are waiting at the curb to pick up people.   Can they NOT wait in the cell phone parking lot until their party is ready????   It is a major pain in the butt and the security people were nowhere to be seen last night.  They usually hustle people out of there.

But there was a LOT of lightening.   Actually was surprised that they let us land and that we got our luggage.  Nothing got wet inside my suitcase so that was great.  I did unpack all my stuff and now my studio looks like this...........

Yes - there is a cutting mat under there

The ironing board which was clear when I got home

See - it is a disaster!!!!!!!!!!!

Got ONE WEEK to get it in order before I am off again.  And I do have tons of work to do this week.

Well as you know when I was out west - I visited at The Quilt Patch.

They had Christmas in July event and the place was packed with customers, well wishers and staff   (oh and home baked goodies).

 It was loads of fun and while I did help out a bit with customers - (which I LOVED), I felt that I needed something more concrete to do.  So I asked Shelley if there was anything that I could sew.  YES - I was having withdrawal!!!!!!   As a matter of fact - there was this applique that SHELLEY needed to get done and it keep getting put to the bottom of the pile.

Well I could do that.  So Shelley got me organized - set up the sewing machine, got the thread and the blocks and I was off.  Now it is NEVER fun to do applique on a different machine than your own. I had never sewn on a Bernina before and while that wasn't a big deal - I sure did miss the sensor foot on my Husqvarna machine. However once I got the hang of the stitch movement - it was no big deal.

These are blocks from their latest book and YES - there were a LOT of points.  I managed to get all twelve blocks done. And one staff member said - lucky it wasn't snowflakes - YES - that would be way more points!!!!!!

Star points - I think I did a pretty decent job.   In case you are wondering - they use Wonderfil Konfetti for ALL their work - piecing and applique

The Quilt Patch latest book - Here Comes Winter

Wonderfil Konfetti thread

I managed to get a LOT of work done on the first day as few people wandered upstairs into the classroom.  BUT on day two ( I was so close to finishing - I wasn't going to leave the job half done) - there was a class going on and people were coming in to chat.

The students were making this bag made from burlap and canvas.  I love it - and there was another style of burlap as well. I loved the bag, but alas - no room in the suitcase for even a scrap of canvas.  Don't forget - I had all that boucle with me!!!!!

But I had some great conversations - showed a few people some tips on applique and made a great contact at one of the Saskatchewan guilds.  She was a wealth of information and I look forward to chatting more with her.   Oh yes - my Dad taught me those skills. Just blab to everyone - you never know what tidbits you will collect!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shelly and Jeanne and their FOUR books.  

I am so darn proud of these ladies and all their accomplishments.  I just love their store - it just has a feel to it that is warm, welcoming and FUN!!!!!    Look at that awesome CUTE CUTE block of the month - upper right of the photo.  I ordered my kit and will pick up at the Fall CreativFestival. Can't wait - I know - I don't need another kit, but that one was very cute and not expensive.  The quilt is not huge so should be fast to make.

On that note - I am off for a fun day and then I must buckle down and get some work done.

Have a great day!!!!!!!


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