Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas pandemonium

Not even close - let's call it a case of a major senior moment.

Yep - I left the house very early this morning to get to the gym.  I had already edited pictures for the blog today.  I got about 2 KM from the house and realized that I forgot to upload the pictures to the blog so I could write the post when I arrived at work (before I actually had to start work - as if I work by a clock!!!!).  Well on my way home tonight, I realized that I had forgotten to write the blog!!!!

So here I am.

You see it was a crazy crazy day at work. Even though I got there way before 8 AM and had to come in the back with the warehouse guys, with the intention of leaving early - that didn't happen and it was go go go all day.

More on that excitement another day.  Here's what happened yesterday.

 Here's that other customer quilt that I got done the other day.

Customer quilt - DONE
 It had minky on the back and normally it isn't an issue, but this minky had been stretched along one of the edges and well - I had a smidgen of ripping to do to get rid of a tuck caused by that stretching. But it looks fine on the back!!!

Edge stretched on the minky!!!!

I had a very productive day yesterday.   I got that T-shirt quilt put together - no problems.  It really looks very nice.  Then time to make the backing.  The fabric I used for the backing is part of Northcott's new Stonehenge line called Gradations.  I really really like it and the quality of the flannel is EXCELLENT.

Hardly any fraying when it was washed.  Just a couple of long threads that came loose across the top.  Less than 1 /4" was wasted.  That is QUALITY!!!!!

Very little fraying took place with the washing process

Less than 1/4" was lost
 Once that back was made - the quilt was loaded onto the long arm.

T-shirt quilt - DONE!!!!!
The othe thing I like about that Stonehenge fabric is that it hides a multitute of sins on the back of a quilt.  Not that there were any sins on the back of this one, but any stops and starts or thread breaks are easily disguised because of the multi colour of the fabric.  I love that and because it is flannel - it will be snuggly!!!!

Stonehenge multi-color hides any quilting sins
Next up was to make the binding and get that sewn on.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new Husqvarna Viking Walking Foot.  I think my old one has either died or it just doesn't work very well.  It was a breeze to sew the binding on. 

Sewing the binding on with a walking foot

And there it is - the quilt has a binding and just needs hand stitching and a label. That's a job to start tonight.

Binding on!
But I wasn't done there - oh no - there are a few more quilts that need assembly.  I got the border put on this one (which thankfully the customer is picking up on Boxing Day!!!! and a second one that has to be made - same quilt - different color)

Border on

Binding made

Backing made

Yeah - will try to get that one loaded tonight so that I can tackle it in the morning.  Yes - another day off tomorrow.  Thank goodness or I wouldn' be getting any sleep!!!!!

One of the other projects that I have to work on is converting this dress (yes a tad dated) into a quilt.

A dress to be made into a quilt
 I had one idea in mind, but when I laid it out last night on the floor another idea popped into my head.  I will play around with it tonight and see what happens.  It is finding something that coordinates with it.  I have one fabric, but only one meter and I don't think that is going to be enough.

I took the dress apart last week.

The dress is in pieces

Got any ideas?????   Well - a quick shopping trip in the morning and hopefully I will be good to go.

On that note - time to get to work with a hand needle.  Good thing there are books on tape!!!!  

Have a great day!!!!!


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