Friday, December 11, 2015

Red and white quilts

Thanks to everyone for your wonderful comments about Lexi.  She really is a special dog and she is itching to blog again.  I told her she would have to wait until the weekend when her Mom could get more pictures of her!!!!   Stay tuned for that. 

Red and white quilts have always been a classic as has blue and white quilts.  I'm not sure which one is more popular. 

I've made a red and white quilt.  This started out as a workshop many years ago with Rosemary Makhan (a local teacher who has since passed). It was from one of her Laides of the Night sessions at Jillybean's Quilt Shop which closed eons ago!!   These blocks sat forever before the quilt was finally assembled and then the story of this quilt - well - every quilt should have a good story and this one is good. 

Red and white house quilt

Well - I don't seem to be able to find the story on the blog - so I must do some research and get back to you on this one.    AHA - found the story - better start putting way more tags on posts. 

Here is a picture of another red and white quilt that I own.  Now if you have been reading my blog for a while, you should recognize this quilt.  It also has a great story.  This was the raffle quilt for the Halton Hills Quilt Guild a couple of years ago.  I (and other guild members) spend countless hours putting this quilt together.  Here's a link to one of the blog posts.    If you follow the tag lines - raffle quilt - you will find the entire story of this one.    If nothing else - go to that post and read the FOURTH paragraph.  Be careful what you wish for!!!!!

I quilted the quilt, I think Joyce bound the quilt and we (Joyce) sold loads and loads of raffle tickets.  The tickets practically sold themselves. A local person won the quilt.  Recently she realized that she didn't want the quilt and was offering it up for sale.  I heard about that and offered her cash and well  --- now the quilt is mine.  I find that kind of ironic - I just bought a quilt that I quilted (for free) and did a huge part of the work (for free!)   Ah - the wonders of how the quilt world works!!!!

Red/white quilt - new acquisition

All that to set up for where I'm really going with the blog this morning and that is this new book which was released in September.   Do you remember this display of red and white quilts that took place in New York in 2011 at the American Folk Art Museum.  The show was from March 25 - 30.   Do I have any regrets in life???   I regret NOT making time and going to this show.  The pictures are stunning but do NOT do justice to the atmosphere that was created by viewing this collection at one time.  Here is a link to a video of the quilt show in New York.

However I got a copy of the book with the story and all the quilts.  This was the book I wanted to bring home from Houston, but it is HUGE and HEAVY.   Thankfully that random lady stopped me from puchasing it.  It would have been difficult to get home in my over loaded suitcase.

Red & white quilts - Infinite Variety

Mrs. Rose has 653 red and white quilts.  I have two.  I think I'm a long way from having a spectacular collection!  But at least the two red and white quilts I have - both have amazing stories - at least to me.

I envy anyone who was able to make the show and the next time - well I'm going even if I have to ride my bike there!!!!

I found this blog - it's a long post, but the author makes a tribute quilt to this red and white show.  Check it out.

Here's a link to a red/white trunk show that I had the priviledge of attending a number of years ago in Saskatchewan.

I was flipping through magazines at work the other day and saw this quote which I love.

"I want to be a quiltmaker, not a fabric collector"
Quote in Quilter's Newsletter October/November 2015    - Lori - the editor.

I agree - I want to find ways to use up that stash - to have fun with it and well - just be immersed in it so I can enjoy my treasures.

Anyone else have a red and white quilt they want to sell????

On that note - today is a day off.  Well not really - technically I'm not at work, but I'll be working my heart out here in my studio.

Have a great day!!!!!!



  1. I have a red and white quilt but not willing to part with it. It needs to be quilted so you can do that if you It is my $10 quilt from The Quilt Rack in Ancaster that I added the redwork windmills to. So, you have a relationship with that quilt because I embroidered a lot of the blocks in your studio.

    1. Mary Mary Mary - what can I say! That was a very SNEAKY way to try and have your quilt quilted!!!! Yes - I remember that quilt. I love it, but not quite that much. I have several red/white ones of my own that need to be quilted so they are going to take precidence over yours! Sorry!!!!!! :)