Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Enchanted Autumn show n tell

I can't help it!   I got home yesterday, decided to read while I had dinner. Then it was time to get to the long arm - never mind that the end of that Jack Reacher book was almost upon me (well less than 100 pages).  Nope - like a good person - I went down to the studio and got the quilt DONE.  Now it wasn't a very big quilt, but that doesn't matter.  It is done!

Then walk the girls and finally at about 9:30 PM, I sat down in my easy chair to try and finish the book.  I am TWENTY pages from the end - there is a mad car chase through the country side and I fall asleep!!!!!   Seriously?????   Yep - when I am tired - I'm tired!!!!   I still haven't finished it as I went to the gym this morning!

But I needed to have something to keep you entertained this morning, so here are some show n tell pictures from the Enchanted Autumn class that was held at the Hobby Horse this past year.  Over the years, I've done many of these ongoing classes.  I've met all kinds of interesting people, many lasting friendships have developed from these classes and overall - it's been such a positive.  For me - it doesn't matter how busy I get - these classes will always remain on my schedule!!!!   And one day - I may actually get one or two of them completed!!!    Stay tuned - I will share with you what I'm teaching next year - I'll aim for tomorrow. 

Here is a picture of the original quilt

Enchanted Autumn by The Vintage Spool
It was a small class this time - -perhaps people were turned off by the coloring which isn't my favourite - as you know.  Perhaps it was the appliqué????   Who knows and there were a couple who were not able to finish - partly for time or medical reasons. 

Let's have a look......................

The first one is Jen's who kept pretty true to the coloring and feel of the original. 

Jen's quilt
I wish I could show you all the detail on all the quilts - but that would take forever.  There is so much creativity and excellent workmanship that comes from all these projects - I would love love love to share it all with you. I guess you will just have to sign up for next year so you can see yourself.

Have a look at how Jen did her berries!!!!!   They are embroidered and she did a fabulous job with them.

Embroidered berries
Next up was Ana's quilts.  Shoot - I hope I spelled her name correctly - I don't have the list in front of me.  This version is MUCH brighter than the original.  Lots of lighter backgrounds which really make those appliqués pop.  I think this was one of her FIRST quilts.  Oh yes - she was brave, but seriously when you have a year to learn - it is the safest way to learn how to quilt.

Ana's quilt
She has used some interesting techniques on her quilt as well.  Here she has used a decorative trim around the outside of the flower pot.  Looks awesome!!!!!

Decorative trim on the flower pot
And then were was Colleen.  She went crazy with the colors and this quilt is bright.  The picture does NOT do justice to it at all.  She did use a lot of Northcott Shimmer in autumn colors and well - it looks stunning. Borders aren't on yet.

Colleen's Enchanted Autumn
But wait a minute - there is something different about her quilt.  What is it???  Can you spot it???   Yes - she substituted a turkey for the flower pot.  I love it and she made that turkey up!!!!   Now that is super creative and I love when these things happen.   Everyone in the class learns - even me!!!!!

Colleen's turkey

Now a funny thing happens when people bring quilts in for show n tell.  It is amazing how many of them wear the same colors as their quilts!!!!   Colleen was showing us her first quilt and look at the color of the quilt and what she is wearing.  Yep - she is just an extension of her quilt!!!   Too funny!!!!!

Colleen blending in with her quilt

Linda didn't have her quilt ready for us to see, but she had this great version of the Chubby Charmer bag (made from Northcott O Canada) fabric that is very cool.  This is her car bag - everyone needs a bag like that - you keep it by the front door.  When you need to take stuff to the car - you throw it in the bag so nothing gets lost in the car.  I have THREE of them and my gym bag in the car today.  Ooops - FOUR bags plus the gym bag. 

Linda's car bag made with Northcott OH Canada Stonehenge
Speaking of Northcott's OH Canada Stonehenge - take a peek at that link I gave you.  Scroll down all the way to the end and check out the last pattern by ME.   OK - here is a picture of it, but if you want the pattern - it's a free download.

Free download pattern for Northcott Oh Canada Stonehenge. 

This quilt is 60 by 72 - perfect for a lap quilt, perfect for Quilts of Valor, perfect gift to make for those loved ones who are missing Canada!!!!!   I'm making something else from the bits of leftovers which I hope to share soon. Enjoy!!!!!   Check out the PRODUCT FINDER on the Northcott web site  (top right)  if you wish to purchase these fabrics.

Well - I must get myself organized for the day.  I'm trying to get things ready for QuiltCon (it's just like organizing a quilt show - except I only have 25 quilts, but I get to choose -sort of - what goes in the show!)  and well - there is a lot of work to do in the next two weeks.  I will share it with you soon because it's very exciting.  So many exciting things!!!!   I hope to see some of you at QuiltCon - I'll be there!!!!!

Have an awesome day!!!!!!!!!!!!


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