Wednesday, December 23, 2015

QuiltCon 2016

For someone who said they never wanted to go to a large quilt show after Quilt Festival 1999 - well I'm eating my words!!!   The next show that Northcott will be participating in is QuiltCon 2016.  It's being held in Pasedena, California in February.

Actually, I'm pretty excited about going to this show.  Modern Quilting is all the rage and well - I've jumped in with both feet!!!!

Northcott has a large 20 by 20 foot booth and we had to come up with quilts to fill the booth.  our staff wasn't about to make 20+ quilts, so instead I proposed that we invite Modern Quilters to make the quilts for us. Northcott provides the fabric, the designers provide a finished quilt that they designed and get to keep the quilt once we are finished with them. Plus the designers get some exposure at QuiltCon.  I think that's a pretty good deal!!!!   It's not all fun and games however  as the pressure is on - they have ONE month to get a finished quilt to our offices!

I've been scouring the internet for designers that I liked and that I felt would add some excitement to our booth.  I've been e-mailing people all over North America and the results are in.  I've chosen 16 people  (well I'm one of them - that was easy!). I'll be introducing you to those designers as well. They've submitted designs and now the hard part.  They sent me their fabric requirements and I had to cut the fabric to send out.  

I spend all day on Monday measuring, cutting, folding and packaging.  Some of the quilts were easy and some were very time consuming.  Let's just say that I put 20,000 steps on my FitBit that day - a rare occurence these days.

Here is one of the kits that I sent out..........................
A kit for a Modern Quilt!
The multi-colored print is one of Northcott's labels.

Northcott's coordinating panel of labels

I know, many of you are thinking - Northcott in the modern quilt world??  Well think again - Northcott has the most amazing line of solids - the line is called Colorworks Premium Solid.  There are 113 GORGEOUS colours and I want 5 yards of each!!!!!   Just to mess around with. Can you imagine???   I forgot to take pictures of the FQs I cut of the solids - I will have to share that with you next week as those FQs are sitting on my desk and I'm not back in the office until Monday.  But the colors together  - well that get's my heart going pitter patter for sure.

Let me tell you that some of those solids are BRIGHT.  Number 28 - Fuchsia (yes - I'm starting to know all the numbers) and number 59 - Pumpkin are so bright - they will knock your socks off - or at least beg you to put sunglasses on.  They are brilliant!!!!!  (In more ways than one!)

Numer 28 - Fuchsia

Number 59 - Pumpkin

In addition to letting the designers choose fromo the ColorWorks Solids - Northcott also has a new line call ColorWorks concepts.  There are two releases of these lines -

ColorWorks concepts - release one    - release January, 2016

ColorWorks concepts - release two   - release March 2016

Here is a sampling of some of those fabrics

ColorWorks concepts
They are BRIGHT, they are BOLD, they are MY kind of fabrics!!!!!   I just love this stuff and I have big plans of projects to make with these fabrics.  Just wait for that - I'm pretty excited and once I get Christmas stuff out of the way - I'll be cutting into these and those solids on my desk to create some gorgeous projects.  Well - I MUST get my Modern Quilt done as well - I've started cutting, but Christmas projects got in the way.  

If you haven't yet - check out QuiltSocial blog to see what Christine Baker did with some of the panels and coordinates for ColorWorks concepts. I'm not going to tell you what she made - I want you to go over there and check it out yourself.     But then come back!

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four

Day Five

I'm sure the shipping guys were ready to see me go as I kept them busy with many boxes on Monday.

A few of the boxes that were shipped 

And I wonder why I was sore when I woke up on Tuesday?  Hefting all those bolts and rolls of fabric!!!

I've asked the designers to share their progress with Northcott (and ultimately YOU)  as they make their quilts.  BUT I have warned them to NOT reveal the final result so we can have a grand unveiling at QuiltCon.  Stay tuned because I will post links to their blogs and of course share the progress of my quilt as we get closer to QuiltCon.

I've got way more to tell you about QuiltCon, but that's all I have time for today.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. I also like that colors! Fuchsia is really trendy this season. Fabrics are super bright and absolutely awesome!

  2. I'm so excited!! And can't wait to see who else is playing along! :D