Saturday, December 12, 2015

Lexi's back....................

It's me again - Lexi!!!!!


Remember me?  I'm the rescue dog from Qatar. My Mom found me through PetFinder and Moringa's Mission.  Well I'm so glad too because I have the BESTEST life ever.  And here is another organization that helped me get to my forever home in Canada.  PawsRescueQatar

What can I say - my Mom keeps telling me what a well behaved dog I am. And how beautiful I am.  I know - she doesn't have to tell me, but I love to hear it!  And then she scratches behind my ears and gives me a BIG BIG hug and well - I'm in love with my new forever family.

So much has been going on - there just isn't time to tell you everything today and my Mom says I can't blog everyday although I want to.  She says there isn't time because she needs to blog about her quilting stuff.  Who cares about quilting stuff???  I don't!  I don't need a quilt - I've got a big fur coat to keep me warm. Although the temperature outside isn't very cold. Where's all this cold weather everyone promised me I'd get when I came to Canada?

Not to worry - the temperature is just fine and I'm much happier here than in the hot temperatures in Qatar.

So let me tell you about our walks.  Little Sammy and I get to go on a long walk every morning with my Mom.  Little Sammy doesn't use a leash - she just toddles along at the speed of a snail! Actually she can run, but she has learned that running away is a bad thing. My Mom says that I have to be on a leash.

My Mom says that I don't really know my name yet. Well that is what she thinks. I know my name - I just pretend I don't hear my name being called.  You know - you have to TRAIN the new parents, otherwise where is the fun iin being totally obedient every time.  No fun at all!!!!

My Mom thinks she is a great photographer but she is not!  Look at some of these pictures and you'll see why.

I should start by telling you the story of my bed.  You see - my sister and I have MATCHING dog beds.  Apparently one of these beds belonged to my sister's other sister who isn't here any more. My Mom said she died because she was old and sick and went to dog heaven. Well there was this big thing called a quilt in the dog bed. It was HUGE and well there were lots of bits hanging off it. I thought it would be fun to pick some of the bits off. My Mom wasn't happy even though the quilt was for US and she took it away.  GRRRRRRRR --- I need something to play with. So my Mom gave me a towel.  It is MINE - all MINE and I've arranged it nicely in MY dog bed. Oh yes - I arranged that towel, not my Mom, not my Dad, but ME.

Sammy and Lexi in matching dog beds
 Yes - I let my Mom catch a photo of me sleeping. It's tough being UP all the time and there's so much to see and do - that I get exhausted!!!!  It was all so brand new for the first couple of days - I was too excited to sleep.  Mom says I'm getting into a routine!  That sounds boring!!!!!

Anyway - let's go for a W A L K.  Come on - I know what means even if you spell it!!!!

On MY leash in the forest

Did you know this forest is RIGHT outside the back gate.  I would so love to escape and play there all day, but Mom won't let me go by myself.  She says it's too dangerous.

I'm going to show my Mom what danger is.  You see, I can venture off the path into the trees on my leash and then when I come back - yep - I get wrapped around a tree and she has to come and untangle me - now that's dangerous!!!!   Most times - I figure out how to get back around the tree - but sometimes - well the tree is too small and I'm too excited and well - she comes to rescue me!!!!

Venturing into the forest

Getting wrapped around a tree

A little butt sniffing with the sister!
More sniffing 
 Now here's where my Mom needs to learn something about taking pictures.  If she wants ACTION shots of me, she needs to use SPORTS mode on the camera.  I  am fast - really fast.

Lexi running
 Even when she tries to take Little Sammy's picture in action - she needs to use SPORTS mode.  DUH - everyone knows that.  But look - that old sister of mine can run!!!!

Sammy running
 One of my favourite things to do in the forest is dig for smells.  The leaves are deep and I have to bury my head in deep to get to them.

Digging for smells

Digging deeper

Up for air

Back down again!

I even have a new friend that I met on my walks in the forest.  This is a big dog named Sadie.  Sadie doesn't need a leash.  Maybe one day when my Mom thinks it is no longer dangerous (and maybe I listen better), she will let me off the leash.  Hmmmm - some training has to happen there.  For her - that is!

Lexi and Sadie

More checking out the neighbourhood

Having fun

Do you see how lucky I am????   I just love it here.  My new Mom and Dad love me so much and I love them.  They talk to me all the time, they pet me, they give me hugs - well just my Mom.  My Dad doesn't do hugs.

It is daylight out now and it's time for the W A L K in the forest.  If I go at the same time every day - I get to see Sadie so we have to go NOW.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Lexi!!!!!!

PS - my Mom is so jealous of me.  That post I wrote the other day - well it was the MOST READ post ever on her blog by a lot.  I guess that says that DOGS are more important than QUILTS.  And me - LEXI - am the most important dog of all!    LL


  1. Lexi, So glad you're having fun and so loved. Enjoy your forever home and family. You are a beauty! Deb

    1. Deb - thanks so much. I can't thank you enough for finding me my forever home. I have them wrapped around my paws with all my beauty!!! Love Lexi!

  2. Lexi, you're one lucky dog! You really are in the "bestest" home! We miss you greatly, but we're so happy for you and your new family. I hope you learn to listen to your mom very soon so you can come off your leash for your W A L K S. I'm glad Sammy has a new friend too! :)
    Much love from Kim & Emily

    1. Kim and Emily!!! I miss you a LOT as well. However there is so much going on at this house, I am never alone and certainly not lonely. Just wait until you see all the cool stuff that we have been doing. My Mom says that Saturday morning is going to become MY morning on the blog. Stay tuned - it's been so much fun!!! Love Lexi!!!!

  3. Lexi, this is one of your PAWS Rescue Qatar mums, Caroline. You are a lucky girl! I love reading about your adventures! Do you want another sister or brother? Woof!

    1. Caroline - I can't thank you enough for helping me find my forever home. I'm one very lucky dog. Watch for more of my adventures TODAY. And I would love another sister - I have to ask my Mom!!!! Love Lexi!!!! Woof WOOF!