Monday, December 7, 2015

Life without Sparky

Had a great sleep last night - I needed it. Ready to face a day at the office - I'm sure I'll spend the day catching up on e-mails.  I did check briefly last week for anything urgent - I know - it seems hard to grasp that we could have urgent things in the fabric world - but it's a business just like any other business. 

I'm checking my home e-mails this morning and so many are "buy this" "buy that" "12 days of Christmas" and that is from the quilt world and other things as well.  Gosh I just don't have the heart to even consider purchasing anything at this point. The number of kits, fabric, patterns, and books that I own would  - well - let's say that I feel a bit guilty after seeing my Mom's situation.  Yes - we all have good intentions to use it up and then we don't have time.  At this point - I'm not sure what I'm going to do about my situation - but I have to figure it out.  

I think the best plan of attack is divide and conquer.  So as we head into the busy season of Christmas and Christmas shoppping - here's TWO tasks for you. 

1. Pick an area of your house that is driving you and/or your family crazy.  For your sanity - I would NOT pick the sewing room.  While NONE of us is going to have a lot of time in the next couple of weeks - we have a lot of time to plan the attack and that is what we are going to do in December. So - pick a room/area/cupboard.  I don't care.  And that's all you have to do today.  Just survey your house and pick ONE area. 

2. As you prepare for the Christmas season - think long and hard about your gift giving.  I haven't exchanged gifts with my family for years.  No aunts, no uncles, no cousins, no brothers, (don't have sisters), no parents - we are all grown ups and if we want to buy something - we just buy it. We have always just exchanged gifts with our immediate family of three. I do buy some small things for people from time to time, but mostly - I don't do gifts.  I am perfectly happy to buy a small gift during the year if I see something that is perfect for someone.  I hate having to buy gifts because I am obligated.  Then it isn't a gift -it's an obligation and there's a huge difference. 

So two things to think about with your gift giving.  Cull the list of people you buy for.  Seriously!!!!   Don't feel that "we've always done it" that that means that you have to continue it.  STOP!!!!!

Do you HAVE to buy someone a gift? Why not plan a visit instead.  Take them to coffee - take them to lunch.  I think they would love that way more than another tacky gift. Don't have time?   Well you always have to eat.  MAKE the time - family and friends will not always be there.  Don't substitute things for time! You could also make a personalized gift - but to randomly buy someting for the sake of buying - don't do it!!!!!   Think about buying a consummable instead of a thing - something they will use up and can't add to the mess in their house or god forbid it gets regifted. 

I would much rather spend quality time with a loved one than have a gift from them - well depends on the gift.  A new car - hmmmmm - well that won't happen so - I'm OK with the quality time. 

I've got my room picked out that needs attention. You guessed correct if you said the dining room.  Over the course of December - I'm going to plan my attack to get this room under control if it kills me. Check back every day and I'll share with you what my plans are.  I might even be motivated to steal a few minutes of time from somewhere else to get started. 

Speaking of quality time - here is a post that I've been meaning to write for a while.  As you know, we lost our beloved Sparky in August.  It was time for her to go - she is happy and probably running around chasing rabbits like an idiot in doggie heaven.  Miss you Sparky Doodles!!!!!   But life goes on. 

I have to say that walking with just Sammy is a freaky experience.  She will be walking along and then goes on HIGH ALERT.  Stops - head up - "Mom - something is out there!!!!!!"   Knowing that those coyotes are in the forest just freaks me out. However she is becoming like "The Little Boy who cried Wolf".   She does her high alert thing so often that I don't pay much attention any more.  Needless to say - she is easily freaked out and her leg just won't stop trembling when we are out walking.  I don't think she is scared - but could be. 

Anyway - here is Little Sammy - Miss Camouflage!!!!!

Little Sammy - out for a walk in the forest
The other day - the squirrels were out in full force.  They are quite playful and here are two of them who were chasing each other around and around this big tree.  Quite funny to watch.

Squirrels chasing each other
Anyway - we do miss our Sparky especially on the walks.  Oh - I should qualify that - I miss Sparky - Little Sammy - not so much.  She doesn't have to share. But our life style has changed.   Sparky used to be very rigid in her schedule.  She needed to be fed at a certain time and if you didn't comply - well she let you know. She was up at the crack of dawn every day (not so much towards the end), but she had a routine and god forbid you messed it up.  Sammy - couldn't care less about a routine.  You want to get up late - sure - I'm exhausted.  You want to eat whenever - I'm OK with that too.   Sparky would never let that happen if she was still around.  She's probably saying - stupid little dog - no concept of time. And she would be right!!!!

Well - I did have some quilt related things to tell you, but I've run out of time.  That will have to wait until tomorrow. 

I was thinking about my incident that happened the other night.  What are the chances that those coyotes chose my front step and the very moment that I arrived home???   Really - that is just too weird. Almost too weird to be a coincidence.  

 And don't forget to pick your area - let me know what area you pick and we can post it - you can change your name if you want).  Did you know that the more you write things down - the more accountable you are to getting them done???????   And if they are out there for the public eye - you are that much more accountable. 

Have an awesome day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  



  1. Congratulations! She looks like a cutie.

    1. Thanks Helen Anne - I hope to go hiking with her!!! Elaine