Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Here's Lexi..........................

Hi  - my name is Lexi!


Can you tell what kind of dog I am?   Yep - I'm a Siberian Husky. If you look at other dogs of my breed, you'll see that I'm much more beautiful than they are and look at my blue eyes. Frank Sinatra - eat your heart out. I'm a girl dog, although I won't be able to have puppies and I'm OK with that. I'm about 1 1/2 years old.  I can't remember a lot about my past but I'm a rescue dog.

I bet you can't guess where I've come from?  Oh come on - guess..........   It's a long long way away. Starts with the letter Q.   I had to come here by airplane.   Give up?  I used to live in Qatar!!!!

I guess someone wanted a beautiful, friendly dog like me, but they didn't think about my thick coat of fur in the hot climate of Qatar.  Fortunately, this great rescue organization called Moringas Mission  rescued me and brought me to Canada.  Then they put my picture on Petfinder and that's how my new mom found me.  The people at Moringas Mission have been very nice to me - they let me stay with a foster mom and her daughter and they were the best people.  They made me feel comfortable and I was very happy there. I even had two foster dogs to play with - Morgan and Lucy. Good thing too because my name was Lucy and since my foster mom already had a Lucy, she changed my name to Lexi. I like Lexi much better.

My new parents came to see me a while back.  They loved me - well who wouldn't. Look at my face. I'm adorable!!!!   Then I stayed with my foster mom for a while longer as I was still getting all my needles (I hate needles!) and then I was ready to come to my new home.  

I LOVE to travel! And I love to ride in the car. But WHOA - what's this thing my new mom is pointing at me???  A camera?   What's a camera?  OH - it takes pictures.

Whoa - get that thing away from me!

Checking out the scenery

I have to say that I love my new home.  I got a sister - some old dog called Little Sammy.  We get along OK and I keep trying to play with her but she isn't quite ready yet. Boy - is she old!

But my most favourite thing at my new house is the backyard.  Wowie!!!!!   I love the backyard!!!!!

Look at me - in the backyard

My tongue is hanging out from running
 I had to explore EVERY INCH of that yard on the first day.
Behind the hot tub

Other side of the hot tub

In the corner behind the shed

The path to the back gate

The back gate - holy cow - there is a HUGE forest on the other side!

The other back corner

Climbing the rocks

Just sitting - watching - waiting..........
 It is my job to rid that backyard of all vermin - there will be NO rabbits, no raccoons, no squirrels who dare step inside this backyard.  It is MINE to guard and I'll do a good job.

And if I can't be outside  - I'll be watching from indoors.

A nice mat to keep my butt cushy while I watch and wait

There are squirrels!!!!!   Let me out!!!!

It's an exhausting job - but someone has to do it!

 And my mom says I have a very twisty body.  Did you know that I can turn my head around almost 360 degrees - whatever that means!  But I love to look behind me and above me and I just turn my head - not my body.  My mom hasn't quite got a picture of me doing it - I'm just so fast.

My twisty head
 I'm very quick and I won't let my mom take a picture of me sleeping. No - that won't do.  No pictures of me lazing around.  I'm a working dog.  I hear she has a wagon and maybe one day, she will let me pull that wagon!!!!!

No - I wasn't sleeping!
Not sleeping here either!

While I have loads of energy, I'm not a high maintence dog.  Nope - I can play by myself.  I have my own baseball which I can entertain myself with for a long time.  That Little Sammy just freaked out the first time I started to play. I dropped the ball on the floor - it made a big noise and Little Sammy thought someone was at the door and went barking like an idiot.  I loved it!!!!   Now she is used to that ball bouncing and I have a tennis ball as well and I play with them both.

Playing ball by myself

I'm a very gentle dog.  When my mom gives me a cookie, I sit very nicely and then politely take the cookie from her hand. Then I go and eat my cookie.  I love treats and I have learned very quickly where they are kept. But they are behind a door so I guess I won't be able to snag them when no one is looking.

Eating a cookie
 I could stand to put on some weight - I'm pretty skinny but that is because no one was looking after me for a  while. I think I'm going to put on some weight here!!!   I wasn't all that interested in my food on the first day.  I'll just eat when I'm hungry and I'm not hungry right now.  Ooops - it doesn't work that way here. That Little Sammy was going to scoop my food so now I eat when it gets put on the floor.  But I'm so well behaved that when my mom tells me to SIT before she puts my food down - I sit and politely wait.  I may be young and excited, but I'm pretty well trained.

Eating breakfast
 However the one thing that I must learn is to not pull on my leash.  Most times, I'm very good at not pulling, but yesterday when we went for my first walk in the forest - well there were too  many smells and I had to check everything out.  I was practically crawling on the ground I was pulling so hard.  My mom was trying to be stern with me, but my smell-o-meter was off the charts and I just lost it!   I will get better I promise.  It's just all so exciting that I can't help myself.

The very first day I was here - that was Sunday, my mom took Little Sammy and me to the library.  Smells - smells - smells - there are so many new smells all along the way.  I was very well behaved. And Little Sammy and I are quite happy together -  although she is still suspicious of me.  She's not sure I'm staying - but I'm staying.  She can go - I love it here!!!!!

Lexi and Sammy checking out new smells

My mom said that we couldn't go into the library so we had to wait outside.  Look at us waiting patiently for mom to come back.   See - I wasn't even interested in those people as they walked by.   Yep - I'm a good dog!!!!!

Waiting at the library

Wow - wow - wow - did I luck out to get chosen to come and live with my new mom.   She is the best - I love her already and I love the guy too. I get to sleep right beside my mom all night - I'm good and don't wake them up but I need to go out into the backyard first thing every day. I have to make sure that NO ONE is there.

I have to go - it's time for our W A L K and then we get breakfast.

Have a great day!!!!!

Ciao!!!!    Woof woof!!!!


  1. Replies
    1. Barbara - Thanks - Lexi really is a KEEPER!!! Elaine

  2. THANK YOU FOR ADOPTING LEXI!!! You are a saint among us!

    1. Thanks for reading about Lexi! Hard not to fall in love with this one! Elaine

  3. Congratulations Elaine on your new edition! Lexi is beautiful. I had a suspicion something was up after yesterday's post about Sammy and how much you miss Sparky. Lexi will help you heal for sure.

    1. Peg - Thanks - this is one case where TWO is definitely better than one. We love Lexi!!!! Elaine

  4. She is absolutely gorgeous, when you want a sitter I am available but you have to bring her to Orillia, although you might not get her back.

    1. Thanks for the babysitting offer!!!! I shall have to decline - but perhaps when I come to a retreat - you can take care of her!!! BUT - she comes home with me!!! Elaine

  5. I am from the UK but I lived in Qatar for 7 years. Beautiful country, nice people, or so it would seem as animal abuse was off the scale, dogs are purchased and dumped by expats when they leave but I believe your husky was from a local. They tend to get what 'everyone else is having' and as I also worked in a vets I saw husky puppies come into the clinic on a daily basis, it used to fill us with horror as I also know most locals keep dogs outside and dogs with two coats and 50 degrees do not mix - this story and these pictures make anyone involved in rescue in Qatar cry. Thank you for giving her a chance of a life, the life she was born for. There are still many dogs needing homes in Qatar, if you know anyone wanting to adopt a dog please contact the beautiful person that is Birgit at Rescue Saluki Middle East and Dogs in Doha - pick a breed, pick a colour, pick a cat - Qatar has them all on the streets.

    1. I am shocked to read this information, but not surprised. It is so very sad the number of people who give NO REGARD for the life of an animal. I would love to rescue more and at some point we will want another dog. Just glad that we rescued Lexi - she is such an amazing dog and pretty well trained. How could anyone give her up? But she wouldn't be happy in the heat in Qatar - someone wasn't thinking for sure!!!! Elaine

  6. She is lovely Elaine! I couldn't help it, had to check out this group that you got lexi from and oh my! I was not planning to adopt another dog- Still breaks my heart to see a pup similar to Odie -but, but, there is a pup on that site that is making a play for me! Will have to wait and see:)

    1. Oh Shell - I know - they are all so cute and you want to rescue them all. At least this is one more who is going to have a fabulous life. Just shocking the way some people treat animals. Very sad. Let me know how it turns out! Elaine

  7. I am so happy to read all of this, and so happy for Lexi. I am in Qatar, and would vey much like to see more stories of rescue like this one! XOXO

    1. Holly -- thanks - yes I wish there were more happy stories for dogs (and other animals) from Qatar. It would make be happier if there weren't animals that needed to be rescued in the first place. How can people in Qatar be educated? I think Lexi likes to blog and will be back with more on her new life! Elaine