Saturday, December 26, 2015

Lexi goes to the D O G P A R K

Hi - it's me LEXI!!!!!!   It was a crazy week and Mom didn't get my own blog set up.  Boy - I need to talk to her! She's not very organized!


My life just gets better and better.   While I love my forever home and my old sister - Little Sammy and my Mom is pretty cool, the best place in the whole world is the D O G    P A R K.  I don't know why my Mom insists on spelling it out - I know what the DOG PARK is!!!!!  

There are several dog parks in my new city, but there is one that is very close to me.  Mom says we could walk there, but I'm always so excited that she drives us in the car.  And sometimes, I'm so excited that I cry - I just can't wait to get there!  I'm never very loud and Mom always laughs when I do!

Speaking of the car, I have trained my Mom about the car.  She just didn't get it at first.  Whenever we were going in the car, I would go out (on my leash) and start jumping at the car and scratching it while Mom came down the house steps and opened the car doors.  Mom was NOT happy.  Now she gets us all ready and then she goes out to get the car ready. Then she comes back in the house and lets me out WITHOUT my leash!!!!!   Yes - I zoom out of the house and jump right into the back of the car (you see my Mom learned to open the hatch door so I could jump right in).  I'm trying to train her for other things, but it takes time to train people.

Then Little Sammy hops into the front seat and we are off. If we drive the long way - it is about 3 KM to the dog park, but if we go in the back way - it's about 1.5KM.  Mom doesn't think it is good for my old sister to walk that far.  Hey - she's fat - the exercise would do her good!!!!!

Well the car is pretty exciting - look at me - I like to sit and look out the back window at everyone.  

Checking out the traffic behind

And sometimes I like to see where we are going

And sometimes I'm just a goof!!!!
 Mom says that all pictures were taken when the car was STOPPED.

And you won't believe this, but look my MOM has stickers on the back of the car for the entire family.  And look - there is a sticker for me - and it looks just like ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Mom says it was for the old dog that died, but this is a picture of ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!       That other dog didn't look like me at all!!!!!

Look at ME on the back of the car!!!!!!

When we go to the park - I like to run and run and run and run and run and run.................. well you know what I mean.  I get so excited, I can hardly contain myself and there are so many new friends.   I just love them all and can't wait to go there to run!!!!!

Running at the dog park
I'm faster than a speeding bullet!!!!
There are some fast dogs there, but so far, I think I'm the fastest.  My Mom says she just loves to watch me as I twist and turn with the other dogs chasing me.  And if no dogs are chasing me, I taunt them, I tease them so they will try to get rid of me and then I run and they are right on my tail. Mom says that I can turn on a dime!  My tongue is hanging out almost all the time  - that's cause I'm hot.

I'm way in the back there - running!
And do you see those trees to the left?   There is a lot of squirrels down there - I could jump that fence and go down, but there are a lot of trees and my Mom says I'm not allowed down there.

New friends at the dog park
And what does Little Sammy do at the dog park????


Climb rocks

Play king of the castle - boring baby games!!!!!

And when I get home, I'm exhausted - well most times.  Sometimes when I get home - I just want to run some more and Mom puts me in the backyard.  I can't get enough of the dog park!!!!!


I forgot to mention - while there are other dog parks in this city - the BEST one is ours. It has a great big long name - Quennippenon Meadows, but everyone just calls it Q Park for short.  I like that!!!!

The best part is that Little Sammy and I are now MEMBERS of the Q Park.  We get to go there all the time. We're like FAMILY with the other dogs.  It's so much fun!!!!  FUN is my middle name.  Remember the FUN(draiser) we went to last time - well they were selling calendars of the Leash Free parks and my Mom made a donation - she says it's good when people donate. That means the park will be around for me and my friends to play in.  There are lots and lots of pictures of dogs that go to the parks in the calendar.  One of the people saw my Mom with her camera and asked her to take pictures of the dogs at OUR park so we can be in the calendar for next year.  Oh my Mom has taken LOTS and LOTS of pictures.  We don't have time to fix them all up this morning.

Leash-Free Mississauga Calendar

Lots and lots of dogs!!!!
 Here is one of my favourite pictures so far from the dog park.  Look - Jax and I are doing the tango in MID AIR!!!!

Lex and Jax

Mom says I'm a character. I wonder what that means????   But she was looking at these pictures when she said it.  Do you think I'm a character???

Looking to the right

Looking to the left
 What can I say - my head was heavy after all that play time!!!!

Even Little Sammy is liking the dog park. She usually sticks to my Mom like velcro. She is scared of the other dogs - but the more Little Sammy goes, the more comfortable she is becoming. Sometimes, she even wanders off on her own, but not very far.  She even tried to make friends with a small dog the other day.  I'm very proud of her.  And sometimes when another dog is bothering her - I will come to Little Sammy's rescue and distract the bigger dog so it leaves Little Sammy alone!  HEY - that's what big sisters are for!!!!

We've been to the dog park so many times - I just can't remember them all.  One day we went to the park THREE times.  Mom thought I was extra rambunctious that day and well - I think she likes it at the dog park too!!!!!

I have to go - time to patrol the backyard. There are loads of squirrels out there and they taunt me!  And one day - yes one day - I'm going to get one of them!!!!!


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