Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Tick tock.........

Yes - the clock is ticking - but I'm not panicking.  I think I have things under control.  I even made a list this morning of things (quilts) that have to be done in several different categories - quilts from scratch, quilts to be quilted, charity quilts, etc. It's a LONG list - but I am going to have to live and breath by that list or so help me - I'll just have to shoot myself.   Even though the lists are long - nothing would take more than one day or a couple of hours to finish.  So if I really really focused - those lists could be banished in a very short time.  My issue has been lack of focus in the past.  That is going to change!!!!!

I am the biggest procrastinator in the world.  Remember I wrote one day - if I do it today - there will be nothing to do tomorrow????   It's like I need to hang onto things so I am certain to always have something to do.  Seriously?????   Look at the studio - I will NEVER run out of things to do.  

The other reason that I have to get a grip is that I'm currently reading (I know - I can't help myself!) a book about HOARDERS.  Hoarding has been going on for a LONG LONG time. There just wasn't a name for it until fairly recently.  And there are several autobiographies about people who lived in a hoarding household.  Mostly the books (this is my second in the last month) were written by children of hoarders.  Shoot - I can't even remember the name of the other one.    Oh - here it is  - "After a While you just get used to it"  by Gwendoyn Knapp.  

Cover image for After a while you just get used to it : a tale of family clutter
"After a While you just get used to it"  by Gwendolyn Knapp

I didn't really find this a book on hoarding as  much as it was a book about a weird family.  So weird that I can't remember a single thing from the book. But I was entertained  and I guess that is all that counts.  It will come back to me - gosh - I just read the darn thing!!!!!

The one that I am reading now is a SHOCKER!!!!   I thought my Mom was bad, but we never lived in the kind of filth and horror that Kim talks about in her book.   "Coming Clean" by Kimberly Rae Miller

Cover image for Coming clean
"Coming Clean" by Kimberly Rae Miller

Wow - hard to believe that someone could live in this kind of situation.  It was like the family had two lives.  And none of them were strong enough to get out from underneath the mess.  How sad - I'm about half way through the book and well - it's just crazy!!!!!!   I see that in my Mom - she is MAD - hopping MAD - at me mostly. Thinks I am a mean daughter because I won't let her buy stuff.   She has TWO houses already full of stuff and the apartment has no more room and still she wants more stuff.  I have to figure out some way to help her - I have no idea how and meanwhile the family is taking the brunt of it - not me - the rest of them.  Thanks to all of them for putting up with the day to day crap!!!!

Where did that come from - I had no intention of going down that route this morning - but it just spewed out.  Oh well - it is time for all of us to COME CLEAN.   You see - after reading Kim's book, I have even more ambition to get this office cleaned up.  I want to - I hate not being able to find certain papers and I want this madness to end!!!!!!

Oh yes - after scouring the internet - I did remember the first book.  But it wasn't as good as it is made out to be - at least from the clutter aspect - it is truly a story about a dysfunctional family!!!

On a totally different note - I bought a dozen eggs last week and everyone of them is a double yoker!  Now how does that happen????   Are these eggs really real????   

Double yokes in the entire dozen!!!
 Since I don't shop for groceries much - I don't even remember what was on the carton.  Maybe it said double yokes - in which case - how do they know that?????

OK - so this big tote bag - remember our big tote bags that many of us have made????   Well - I have several of them - OK - SEVEN of them and making more.  They are all filled and are excellent for carting stuff.  LOTS and LOTS of stuff.  This was my bag when I came home from work yesterday - plus my laptop.  It weighed a LOT and that election sign bottom is holding up just beautifully.

I've got lots of signs and well - we need to have a class.  Oh - I am teaching it at the Brampton Guild at the end of January so you had better sign up.  If you're not a guild member - well maybe they'll let you in.   Ask me and I'll ask them for you!!!!

The BEST BEST BEST bag ever!!!!
 I've made a few modifications to the original pattern so I'll be putting that together real soon.

It was time this morning to get moving on the constuction of the next project.  That meant I had some embroidery to do.   Hmmmmmm - the last time I did the embroidery, I was using the Husqvarna Viking Designer Ruby Royale  (follow the link if you want to know my top 10 reasons for loving that sewing machine).  Well - I don't have that sewing machine any more and while the new loaner  does embroidery - I didn't have time this morning to learn that aspect of it.  Luckily for me - I just happen to have my own Ruby - it is an earlier version - mine is the Ruby Deluxe.  Yes - I snuck that one in - bought this a while back and kept it a secret.   The Ruby, with the embroidery arm attached, has been sitting around the studio for a LONG LONG time and not getting much use.

When I went to set it up this morning - where is the power cord?????   No clue - thankfully it uses the same power cord as my regular sewing machine (that is also Husqvarna, but 15 years old - The original Husqvarna Viking Designer 1).

Interchangeable power cords - YEAH!!!!!
 I will find that power cord - it is somewhere - do you see my issue - I am pretty organized, but not 100 percent and that drives me crazy.

The nice thing about the Ruby Deluxe (and any of the new embroidery machines) is that I can select and do so much right on the screen!!!!!   I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this feature!!!!!   No computer involved!!!!

Embroider away!!!!!

On that note - I'm home today - I feel guilty as I'm going to be hand stitching for part of the day, listening to a book on tape and sewing. It's a mental health day and I'm entitled to it!!!!!  Oh and I have a quilt to quilt.

Got to run - have an awesome awesome day!!!!!!   (have you been outside yet - it's like SPRING!!!)


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