Thursday, January 21, 2016

Get moving........................

OK - while I do have pictures to post and they are sitting in a draft waiting to be published, I came across this article last night.  Oh boy  - an article that is near and dear to my heart. Please read it!   It talks about your health and how IMPORTANT moving is  (NOT exercise - MOVING).   I truly believe that many of our health related issues, both physical and especially mental could be prevented if people were more active (NOT sitting on a couch).

I've seen this with my Mom whose birthday is TODAY.  She turns 80.  Wow that sounds OLD. I'm sure this is a situation that all of us can relate to. My Mom was very active - we lived on a farm. She had a huge garden, she made all her own perserves, milked cows, etc.  OK - so not all of you can relate to that. But you can relate to a younger parent who seemed to do everything.

As time went on, my Mom did less. As she got older and more fragile, she became afraid of falling. There are winters when my Mom never left the house!!!!   Yes - my Dad did everything.  My Mom also has a weight issue and that has compounded the entire situation.

Now at 80, she uses a walker and a wheelchair to get around her apartment! She basically LOST the use of her legs by NOT using them. We try to encourage her to walk up and down the beautiful HUGE hallway in their new apartment building. Nope - she won't budge from her chair unless she has to. AH - parents are stubborn!  And my Mom loves the HANDIBUS.  Why???   Because it's easier to remain in the wheelchair to get somewhere rather than make an effort to get in and out of the truck.

I've thrown in the towel on this one.  There is NOTHING that we can do to change the situation.  I want to warn you to NOT let that situation happen to you.

I would STRONGLY suggest that you get a FitBit or some other activity tracker. On a normal day (even working in an office) I do MORE than 10,000 steps every day. That is considered ACTIVE (according to the chart in the article).  Before I went to work in an office, those steps were easily over 15,000 every day.  I think you would be shocked to see the number of steps you take (both good and bad).  Is the FitBit accurate?  Who knows, but it is relative day over day for YOU!!!!   That is what is important.  

Please for your health and those around you who will have to care for you one day - GET UP AND WALK or DANCE - whatever, but get off that damn sofa!   Energy creates more energy!

And now onto some fun quilting stuff!

I should say something about my calendar and new priorization system.  It is working so amazing - I'm surprised I didn't think about it sooner.  However - ONE word of caution.  When you sit down with yourself every week (VERY important),  you MUST MUST MUST review your calendar. I forgot to do that this past week and then realized that I had a class and a meeting that I hadn't taken into account when I set the goals for the week. No worries - all is good, but it did give me a panic attack for a moment!

Back to the long arm - got more projects quilted.

Customer quilt - DONE
Customer table runner - DONE
Two more tablerunners - DONE

And someone mentioned that dining room mess - yes - it's a huge mess. I feel guilty about it. Don't have time to fix it, but I must. Even if I eek out an hour a week - I have to deal with it.  I'm going to focus on this area first.

Area of focus in the messy dining room
Actually this shouldn't take too long.  There are a lot of pet mats in this pile.  They are being picked up on Saturday.  Then there is stuff that needs to be sorted through - at this point, I'm tending to just chuck it all.  I'll see how I feel when I actually get there.  But I will try to wheedle through it this weekend.

Remember the other day, I was prepping some projects to sew.  Well that required applying  sheets of steam a seam to some fabric.  Now there were problems with Steam a Seam and it does have a shelf life.  But this was crazy!!!!   Half the glue stuck to the paper after the first ironing.  Of course - I got mad and just ripped it away.  Good grief - what a mess.  Then I took the paper with the glue still on and laid over these parts and reironed.  It was not bad - good enough to move forward on the project.

Not so good coverage 

Good coverage  (Not the same one as above)
 Thankfully the issue has been resolved, but I have a huge roll of fusible to use up.  These projects are great places to use up that old stuff.  I'm making headway through all those scraps of fusible and getting my applique prepped at the same time.

Look what arrived in the mail the other day.  I KNOW - another license plate. You'd think by now that I was done.  Well - I think I'm almost finished.  I have about two more people to finish exchanges with and then that's it.  But I would have liked to see the Row by Row team provide a list on the web site of all those stores that still have license plates.  Then I could decide if I wanted/needed those particular ones.  I'm not about to call those that I'm missing, although there aren't many that I don't have.

One more license plate - one for me - one for trade!
 I'm still missing some from Canada - Gosh - I don't think I ever posted how many I got.  Well that's just too embarassing to post!

The other day at Monday - oh yes - I did get all my applique shapes cut out for the next block, but didn't have time to glue them in place.  Maybe this weekend???

Anyway, here is a small bag that Maria made. It is gorgeous.

Classmate pattern by Atkinson Designs

Inside the bag
 It's gorgeous and I love it.  Now to find the time to make it!!!!  NOT going to happen.

Then Margaret was working on this machine embroidery applique and kept posting the pictures on Facebook.  I asked her to bring them to class last night so I could see them in person.   They are VERY CUTE.

Machine embroidery applique

Close up of one block

She couldn't find a couple of objects including octopus.  I managed to snag her an octopus. Can't wait to see the block complete.   By the way - she is looking for xylophone, key, and drum. If anyone has fabric  - let me know and I'll pass onto Margaret.


Hmmm - she did tell me where she got the embroidery patterns, but I can't find that link this morning. DRAT!!!!

On that note - I still have a bit of editing for QUILTSocial to do, walk the dogs and then get myself to work.

Have an awesome day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's beautiful outside - very mild for this time of year.



  1. Please, I want to see the dining room when it's done.

    1. So do I!!!!!! Cause I can't see the darn thing NOW!!!!!! I've had a couple of thoughts and that should help to get started on that first mess I showed.