Saturday, January 23, 2016

Show n tell - Stitcher's Garden

Yes - I still have more show n tell and well - I've already started on the next round of classes so better finish up the previous ones.

This is from our Stitcher's Garden class at Brampton Sew n Serge.  This show n tell is from December - I know - I'm behind.  But almost caught up.   I'm not going to remember everyone's names or will I???

Let's have a look and see what they've been up to.

First off - here is the pattern.   We've been learning TONS of sewing machine technqiues which is the focus of the class.

Stitcher's Garden quilt by The Stitch Connection

I put names where I remembered whose fabric belongs to whom!   Sorry to the rest of the class - I could guess, but I would probably be incorrect.



The piping block




Fussy cut flowers - very cute

Pretty pink flowers

ACK - please cut those threads as you go!

WOW - the center is TOGETHER!!!!!!!

Bright - bright - bright!!!!!

They are coming along very nicely.  Can't wait to see the finished projects.

We had one other show n tell, but not from the Stitcher's Garden pattern and that was a table runner done by Margaret. You can't see in the photo, but she has added some texture to parts of it by folding or scrunching the fabric and then stitching over it.

Textured table runner

Let's get back to that little goal system I created this year.  How's it working?   FABULOUSLY!!!!    Nothing is getting forgotten. Everything is written in ONE place. The weekly tasks are the FOCUS of my time and I LOVE crossing the items off as I get them done.  Although I have to say that I don't really need to consult the book during the week. By writing the goals down - that solidifies them in my brain and I have a mental image of that weekly page.  Oh yes - I know what's on it. And I think I did pretty good this week at getting things done.   Can't wait until that meeting tonight to see what happened and I haven't really given a lot of thought to what to do this coming week.  Oh the excitement is almost unbearable!!!!

And I thought I would show you that YES I did make some progress on the dining room.  It's just gotten so out of hand.  The rest of house - clean as a whistle - the dining room - the land of the hoarder.  Does that make me a selective hoarder????   No it is just a place where things go when they don't have a home.  And it's been that way since we moved here. That will change because even the little bit I did last night "opens" up the room. It's time to break this BAD HABIT of mine.

So remember - this is what we started with.

A huge mess! 

Well there were pet mats there, a bag of plastic bags and some garbage stuff that needed to be sorted through.

Let's get rid of the pet mats
 They are on my front door step as Diane is coming to pick them up today!!!!   Yeah!!!!   Yes - as much as I love doing it for the cats, once that huge mess downstairs is cleaned up - NO MORE!!!!!   I even managed to eek out one more pet mat this morning.

And then the bag of plastic bags was sorted - oh no - with two pooping dogs - you can't throw plastic bags away.  So the useable ones were sorted and now in the dog supply bin and most of the garbage was sorted and it's in the garage. A bit more garbage stuff, a few things to donate and I could be through that pile in no time!

WOW - that looks so much better!!!!

Some of the stuff still sitting there is from when I emptied the kitchen in January 2015!!!!!!    I know - and it's still sitting there.  Obviously not stuff that we use EVER!!!!!!   I will be dealing with it.  Unfortunately I'm not the kind that can just take a box of stuff and dump it in the garbage. I have to go through it.  I don't know why - I just do.  And so let me have that little vice because I'm not about to change!!!!!   It just takes me longer.  Must be the damn Virgo in me.

However the studio is also looking like a tornado went through.  It's been a week filled with NON-negotiable deadlines.  That made it a bit of a stressful week but it's over. Those deadlines are gone and a new set looms this week. But none of them have the same pressure.

I think when I'm back from teaching my two classes today, that spending a bit of time in the studio putting things away - that would be good!!!!!

Ooops - a bit of a mess

On that note - we're off for our morning walk.   Already been out - at 5 AM.  Lexi will fill you in on that story tomorrow.

Have a great day!!!!!!


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