Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Zip it up!

Going to take a break from the show n tell this morning. I think there is one day left and then - well the next round of classes will be starting!

The other day, I needed some zippers.  Those cute little bags that Ronda and I spent the day working on - well they sure use up the zippers. Have a look if you don't remember the little bags

As I mentioned, I was looking for some zippers.  Now there are many times when it seems easier (and takes less time) to go to the store to buy something than deal with the mess at home. But my zippers are pretty well contained and I thought I would start with my box. 

Ooops - I opened the lid and all those zippers popped out!

The zipper box!
 Somewhere along the way, someone gave me bags and bags of zippers.  They had come from someone's stash.  They were sorted by color and all in labelled zip locs. Each bag was a separate color with multiple sizes in each bag. The label mentions the sizes included in the bag.

Labels on the bags of zippers
 Again - I seem to inherit things from other people or I have purchased stuff over the years.  I think I've got a sample of almost every kind of zipper possible.

OLD zippers - remember when they came in a package!
 Interesting when most other things are being packaged, zippers lost their packaging!!!

Zipper tape

Zippers on a roll

Short zippers

Long zippers

Coloured teeth zippers

Double zipper pull
Invisible zippers
 Once I sorted all those speciality zippers out of the way - I was looking for a plain old zipper. This is what remained.

Regular plain jane zippers (not counting the ones in the zip loc bags!)

 I only wanted black - so the colors went into the box.

Black zippers - do you think I have enough?
 I found three zippers suited my needs  - still lots left.

Then the task of putting everything back into the zipper box.  The more I take out - the easier it becomes to close that box.

Everything back in the zipper box

I got my three projects prepped and they are ready to go.   More on that prep another day and hopefully I'll be able to show you the projects very soon.  They are going to be cute - they are gifts so can't reveal anything at the moment.

Project is prepped

Now if every area of my studio were that organized.  I really don't have a problem if things are jumbly within their "home" - like the zippers.  As long as I know that all the zippers are in one spot - then it's easy to find what I want.  If I don't find it - then it goes on the shopping list!  There are a few more areas that could be a tad more sorted and I know there are some items that need a home.

I'll show you later this week what I've done to organize a couple of my projects.  I just had to - I was losing my mind.

Check out QUILTSocial this morning.  There are some excellent tips for machine applique.

And on that note - I'm out of here.  There is so much to do at work - I'm going to have to shut my door, turn off the computer and SEW like a fiend to get it all done in time. Perhaps I need a marathon sewing day at home.

Have an awesome day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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