Monday, January 25, 2016

Making head way or not?

It really is all about trying to keep one's head above the water level.  Some days I feel 100% in control and other days - I'm a goner!

The more serious I have become about this problem, there are way more days when I feel like I'm in control and that's a good thing!

Here is the "system" that I now have in place for class materials.  I have several one time classes that I teach and I have a lot of on-going classes. I now have designated table space for each class.  That way, when I think of something (book/thread/pattern or idea) for that particular class - I put it on the appropriate pile.  Then when it comes time to prep the class, pack for the class - things are ready to go!!!!

Yep - doesn't get easier than that!!!!!

Designated table space for each class
Not everything is there yet, but I'm working on it!!!!!

Case in point, I went to continue on a project this morning and WHERE IS THE THREAD that goes with that project??????   Couldn't find it at that moment. Something to look for tonight.

I made a couple of feeble attempts to clear up the "working" work tables.   Progress has been made - I just didn't have a chance to take a second picture.

The "working" work tables!
Here is my new ender and leader project.  Remember those spaghetti quilts?   Yes - those 1 1/2" squares?  Well I dug out the 1 1/2" squares that I had stored away.   Found this cool sectioned box and I'm ready.  I'm sewing pairs together.  Then I'll sew those pairs together to get four patches and so on, until I'm done!!!!!

1 1/2" project
Now I bet you're wondering how I'm doing on those not one but TWO 365 day projects that I'm undertaking???   Working on both - behind on both, but I did manage to get four more blocks done in the pieced one.   I think I'm 10 days behind, but they don't take long so I'm not worried.  Last week was a crazy week - hopefully this week will be calmer!    HA HA HA - already things have exploded - not going to be quiet at all!!!!

365 Block Challenge - Blocks 10- 14

I did manage to get the backing of a quilt done (it was on the task list!)   Yeah!!!!!

Backing, top and binding - DONE and in the TO BE QUILTED pile

And that dining room????   GOD - the desk where I work is a disaster.  And it seems there is no time to fix that.  Look at the mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My desk top!!!!

Ok - I probably did a bad thing. I grabbed two bags and got rid of most of the stuff.  It cannot sit in the bags forever as there is important stuff that needs to be dealt with.  But I get so overwhelmed and nothing gets done.  So - I have to take a couple items out of the bag each day and deal with it.  Paperwork and me - have never been friends!!!!!   I laugh because if you saw my work desk some days - my office is a reflection of my home.  The desk is covered with paper/files/shade cards and there are quilts and fabric littering the rest of the office space - draped on chairs and my little couch!!!!!   Great pictures on the walls and inspiration everywhere.  Oh yes - I feel right at home here!!!!!

On that note - I'm out of here.

Have an awesome day and remember - we aren't shovelling snow - it could be a lot worse!!!!!



  1. What are spaghetti quilts??... I remember a post where you talked about "confetti" quilts.. or did I miss something?! LOL!!

  2. Oh god - I'm losing my mind - I meant to say confetti!!!!!