Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Oh Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy to report that I am making progress on my task list for this week.  However - there have been a couple of times (and it's only Tuesday) when I've had a few panic attacks.  I didn't put frivolous things on the list.  I put things that NEED to be done this week and YIKES - the list is long.  And when am I going to find time to do them.  On top of it - I slept in this morning and lost 1 1/2 hours!!!!!

The other thing that I NEED to learn is to let things go.  I needed to print THREE labels and I like to print the labels on fabric using the printer.  Of course - I have so many issues with my computer/printer/wifi that it is driving me crazy.  And rather than letting it go - I spent almost FOUR hours on Sunday evening trying to fix the issue.  I know - I was obsessed with getting it to work.

I must admit that I am defeated!   Once the on-line guru said that WI-FI printing can be finicky - well that was enough for me.   I have decided to get a cheap printer and just hook it up with a cable directly to the laptop.  I mean really - this technology craziness has to STOP.  It's not good for my sanity and not good on my time schedule.

I was able to get my labels printed because DH's computer seems to work just fine with the printer. So I made the labels - e-mailed them to him and he printed them off.  ON THE SAME STUPID printer that I can't print on.   I have a feeling that my laptop is NOT functioning the way it is supposed to.

Now I had pictures for you for the blog this morning - I finished editing them this morning, but I FORGOT to upload them to the internet.  So here I sit - with lots to say and NOTHING To show.

That post will have to wait until tomorrow.

However the morning was not without some excitement.  I went to take the girls for a walk and decided that we would try walking in the forest although Lexi gets so excited that it isn't worth the struggle.  I opened the back gate to find a COYOTE   about 20 feet in front of me!!!!!!    Yikes -  Lexi went MAD!   Thankfully she was on her leash.   The coyote was quite brave and DID NOT run away and there I am WITHOUT a camera in my hands.   I even thought about taking my cell phone with me before I left the house, but thought - why bother.    GRRRRRRR.    The coyote just walked away and then lay down and watched us the entire time.  We didn't venture far or long since Lexi wasn't on her best behaviour in the forest.   I ran back into the house to get the camera and of course - the coyote had left by then!!!!!!!

We had received a letter from the City saying that coyotes have been seen in backyards - meaning they jump the fence.  Yikes - I think we had better get a bigger fence in the back yard - not only to ensure Lexi doesn't escape, but to ensure the coyotes don't jump in.  Hmmm - anyone know a good fencer????

On that note - I'm out of here.  I'll catch you up on the latest quilting venture tomorrow!

Have a great day!


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  1. I am thinking that your laptop is not functioning as it should. DH and I have laptops and a WIFI printer. We are usually on the main floor and the printer is on the 2nd floor and we have had no issues printing. He will sometimes ask what the noise is when I am printing something...lol