Sunday, January 10, 2016

Pass the vegetables please.....................

I've been writing this blog for a long time (rarely miss a day).  I've branched out and do QUILTSocial and I do help Lexi a bit with her blog. I follow other people's blogs, I see many blogs that are so infrequently updated that I don't bother to go back. What's the point?  And I often see articles (and there are even idea generators in some of the blog software) about topics to write about.

Wow - writing my blog is like quilting.  There are so many things that I want to say and even if no one is listening (but I know you're out there and I THANK YOU for following along!). So even if no one is listening - I'm a story teller.  Plain and simple.  I would like to think that I could tell a story from the smallest spark of an idea. Often, ideas are mulling in my head and when enough of that topic is brewing - it's time to write about that.

There are so many ideas, so many topics, so many - well you get the picture.  Speaking of pictures, I'm very happy to report that my new picture filing system is working!!!!!   And working really well.   I've got an entire series of folders based on topics (well more based on the various blogs) and then within - based on topics and dates.  I know it sounds complicated, but it works!!!!!    I've just spent a good bit of time this morning editing pictures for all the blog posts this week.  The trick will be to remember to upload them!  I must do that before I close out for today.  Don't worry - it's all just back end stuff.

Today is Sunday so that means that yesterday was Saturday. And what happens on Saturday evening at my house?   Yep - that is when I sit down with myself and have that meeting.   I LOVE these meetings.  They are usually short, they are to the point and we actually get something accomplished.  Hard to say that about a lot of ork meetings that I have attended.  Yes - there is some give and take, but I try to take it easy on myself. And how is the new PRIORITIZE - FOCUS - WIN campaign working out????  I'm pretty happy and I think this is the BEST system that I've come up with (it's only take a few years!)  - but I'm loving it - it keeps me on track and I at last have a record in ONE SPOT of what needs to be done.  It's not finished yet - but each week I add another category and it is progressing nicely. Everything has a name now and a person attached (if it belongs to someone else).

Out of my 20 task items for last week - I accomplished only 9, but that is OK.  Seeing what doesn't get done is just as important as what gets done.  Why am I putting that item off???   Time???  Dislike the project???   Whatever the reason - I take it all into consideration at my meeting. Which by the way starts with a review of what's on the schedule for the upcoming week. What classes?  what projects??  what deadlines?

Now I have a new list of 21 tasks for this coming week and I have a feeling it will go better this time.  Part of my problem is that last week, I had a custom quilt on the long arm.  Whenever there is a custom quilt - that slows the entire process down.   It takes a long time to do custom especially with my reduced time schedule for quilting (don't worry - it was MY quilt).   And it is boring as all heck!!!   Even with music - it's just boring.  But I do get a lot of thinking done.  I'm happy to report that the quilt is OFF the frame.

Have a look.................

I made this quilt for M a couple of years ago.


She had never seen it and I thought it was time to get it quilted so she could use it.  I gave her the top and the backing for Christmas.  Now that it was revealed - it was time to make it happen.  Ever since I made this quilt, I have so wanted to stitch in the ditch around all those squares.  I know - call me silly, but I just thought it would look awesome.  So I bit the bullet and loaded it and in fact did stitch in the ditch around all those squares.  Now it was a breeze to do it on the long arm, but for some IDIOTIC reason - I decided to use invisible thread with regular thread in the bobbin.   It kept catching and well - it was a pain - but it is done!!!!!

Then onto something in the big squares.   Checked out the internet - found something appropriate and away I went. But I needed a LOT of tools to make this happen.

Tools used to quilt the motif in the big blocks

Handy markings on the circle template

The motif in the big blocks - 

You can see better from the back (yes - that is PLUSH on the back!)

Do you know what that symbol is????   Apparently a VEGAN symbol.   Aren't I a good Mom to recognize M's life style choice.  And she said the quilt looked like a garden patch!!!!   Now to trim and bind and get it out of the house.  Oh yes - I made a pillow to match with the leftover teeny tiny blocks.  Of course - I want to stitch in the ditch for that as well.   DUH!!!!!

I had a great day sewing at work on Friday - you'll see soon what I was working on.  Being the productive person that I am, I had my 365 blocks cut and was using them as enders and leaders.  I know - how awesome was that!!!!!

Here are my first 10 blocks for the 365 Challenge.

10 blocks for 365 challenge - all 3 inch
 I think I mentioned the other day about my sorting process and using only scraps.  I was going to try and use each fabric ONCE.  Welll as I lay them out last night I realized that that theory was shot to heck in the first ten blocks.  Have a look...........

Same light fabric used!!!!!!!!!!!!!   
 I got a good chuckle out of that. And seriously?????   Who cares!!!!!    Yes - I am using a huge variety of greens.  50 shades of green (at least!).   Anyway - once the blocks are all placed in the quilt - I think it is going to be amazing.  And you will have to wait and see what color I put with it.

365 Quilt
Remember - this is the original by Kathy from Australia
The blocks that we are currently making are for that dark inner border. Two rows of 3 inch blocks.  So far these blocks have all been a snap to put together.  But I'm looking at those lighter 6 inch blocks in the next round and they are MUCH more complicated.  Yikes!!!!!

I was at Ruti's yesterday and YES - I found a superwhite that will go with the superwhite that I didn't have enough of.  Not the same, but close enough.  That's to share with you another day.

But look what jumped into my bag before I left.  How that happened - I have no idea.

Oh LA LA!!!!!
 Those are FQ bundles of Kaffe Fasset fabric.  They are to DIE FOR!!!!!   I have the perfect project in mind - now to find the time to make that happen.

As we all know - the weather in all areas of the world are pretty messed up.  This morning - January 10 it was pouring rain.  Now I could have gone to the dog park, but we would probably have been by ourselves. So we took a walk in the forest which is always a challenge with Lexi.  As we were nearing the house, I heard a noise and looked around to find the source.  Hmmm - didn't see anything and then I looked up.

So the next time you complain about your sleeping conditions - DON'T!!!!!! When we walked by - both of them were huddled on the branch and when I went into the house, got the camera and back out - this one was half hanging on the trunk.  Got kicked out of bed????   Hogging the covers????   Who knows!  But it was pretty funny.

This is how raccoons sleep in a tree - in the pouring rain!!!!

On that note - I have a GLORIOUS day ahead of me.   I don't have to go anywhere, I don't have to do anything (well technically I have loads to do - but you know what I mean) - I am free to do what I want - when I want. I'm sure excited and that task list awaits me.  By the way - the next quilt - this time for a customer is already loaded and almost ready to go this morning.  

Oh - here's a question for you.  I have a god daughter and she recently had a baby.  So if I wanted to make a label for a quilt and say this is from your ________________.   What is my relation to that baby????  A grand god mother??????   I have no idea and maybe I should just say it's from me - Elaine.

And last night as I was attempting to read a bit before bed, I was chuckling to myself.  What would we do without smart phones.  There I am curled up in my chair (protecting my toe which still hurts, but not as bad) and I'm having conversations about dog sledding with a friend of mine who used to live in the Yukon, but now lives on Vancouver Island, chatting to another person about quilt shows in Florida (who is currently wintering in Florida and who sent me a picture of a bag that she ended up buying the pattern for during the day) and chatting to another friend (who is also wintering in Florida) about the 365 block assembly.  Ah - what a wild whacky world!!!   I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have an awesome day!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. You are her godmother. And yes keep on blogging, I am trying to get rid of dust in my sewing room thanks to you and your clean up. How's the dining room table coming along? Ha, bet that got put aside.

    1. OH - let's not go to the dining room. YES - it got put on hold. But that trust PRIORITIZE FOCUS WIN list is doing awesome. Fire up that sewing machine of yours - send me a project picture!!!!