Monday, February 15, 2016

365 Block Challenge

Well - I did NOT get any more blocks made for the 365 Block Challenge quilt.  Nope - I spent the afternoon having lunch with a friend, visiting a quilt show at a museum, doing a couple of errands, then the dog park and lastly home to try and get something done that I was supposed to get done - namely stuff that HAS to be done for QuiltCon.

No time to edit the pictures this morning and I worked late-ish last night. Which by most people's standards isn't late.  I was in bed by 10. The good news - the top of the challenge piece is finished. It's only 30 inches square so not that big of a deal.  Changed my mind a hundred times about how it will be quilted.  Loaded it on the long arm and basted it in place and then changed my mind one more time.

Got the first pass of quilting done!   Technically it could go like it is, but I've decided to add some more quilting and will do that later today.

It's sewing today with the Monday Maniacs, but not before I hit the gym.  Oh yes - those fat cells would like to have a morning off and I said NO!  I've got ONE bag packed for today with loads of supplies - I did make good progress yesterday and finished one project minus making a bottom for it - I'll take a picture later today and show you. It's NOT a big tote bag.

So four things still to sew or finish. And I've got 48 hours.  On your mark, get set - GO!!!!!!

I didn't have a chance to look for that picture yesterday of the rainbow colored blocks for the 365 Block Challenge, but another friend sent me a picture of her blocks for January.

January blocks for 365 block challenge

That makes myself and THREE other people that I know that are working on this quilt and that are up to date.  OH WAIT - I think there is one more and she sews with the Maniacs on Monday.  I'll get a picture today.  Anyone else that I now out there?????   Come on - fess up now.

WAIT - I found the picture.
Rainbow colors for 365 Block Challenge

You know me - I'm attracted to bright colors.  Can't wait to see all these quilts when that center part gets done.  That happens sometime in April I think.

On that note - I''m out of here.  Let's the day begin!!!!   And the temperature is going back to balmy - it's a crazy world out there.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. I'm looking for an explanation of "covered corners" for March 4th. Any help?