Thursday, February 18, 2016

A quilter on the edge!!!!!

Good morning from COLD California!!!   I wasn't sure what kind of access to the internet I was going to have so I've preloaded a bunch of pictures of NON-Califonia stuff.  I will try to get some pictures posted  from the show. 

Over the years, I've flown a few times. I'm not a frequent flyer, but I'm comfortable in the airport and I know how long it takes to get through security and customs.   The flight was at 8:15 AM and I left my house at 6:15 - arrived at the airport just before 7 due to the snow on the roads.  Of course, the baggage tag didn't get printed so next thing I know - I'm in the customs line and nothing to check my bag in.   ACK - too late to turn back now.  While I had time to spare - I didn't have a lot of time to spare. 

Got through customs, then no chance of dropping the bag off without going back out so I said screw it - I'll take everything with me on the plane.  I know - just have to live dangerously.  I'm a quilter ON THE EDGE!!!!   While I'm in the customs line, I see Brian whipping along the NEXUS line - next time - that will be me as my interview is in March for that!  Anyway - then I get to security.  No big deal - I have a backpack, my tote bag and my suitcase.  They didn't like my suitcase.  I could see something on the X-ray screen.  That would be my toothbrush I said.  NOPE - he said - it's something else.  OH CRAP - I forgot I had a pair of scissors in there.  Bye-bye scissors!!!!!!

They were a pair of Fiskars - cost - about $8.00.   I was more worried if I would be allowed to get on the plane with THREE pieces of luggage than about the scissors.  Then wandered down to the gate where I arrived about 7:30.  The rest of the group were there - all looking at their watches.  My god - there was loads of time to spare.  Zones one and two were boarding when I got there - we were in Zone four.  PLENTY of time!!!!   Some of them had arrived at the airport WAY BEFORE I left my house!   Yep - that's me - a dangerous quilter living on the edge!

I had no trouble getting on the plane with all my crap but we were in the bulkhead so NO seat in front of us to put the bags under, but there was plenty of room in the overhead bins and fortunately, there were four EMPTY seats behind us so I moved back there.  If I don't have to be squished beside my seat mate - I'm all for that.   Comfort and quiet.  

I got to work on the binding of that small quilt and had a good part of it done BEFORE we even took off.  We had to wait almost one hour for de-icing process and I was a happy camper to get the binding and the sleeve sewn on.  I had small teeny scissors with me in  my sewing kit so no problem there. 

Then I read and had a snooze on the plane.  It was a very quiet and uneventful flight. 

Arrived in LA, got the luggage and into the hired car on the way to the hotel.  The driver said we came at a good time of day because the traffic was pretty light. And yes - we more or less WHIZZED our way to the hotel.  

Traffic in LA???   What traffic????

YEAH - there were three quilts waiting for me at the hotel.   Just saying a couple of silent prayers to the makers that everything was coming together. 

Met up with our US colleague and then off to the convention center to get the booth together.  Rich had started by putting the floor down and unloading the metal structure.   OH MY GOD - the quilts are up in the show and they are MODERN.  The more I see these quilts - the more I am loving the modern quilt thing.  

Welcome to QUILTCON!!

They are fresh, they are small (for the most part), that means they are fast and easy to make. Oh - not before I ran into Amy Garro in the hotel at lunch.  Oh yes - starting to get to know the people!!!! 
I took a workshop with Amy last summer at Black Creek Pioneer Village.  

We had to leave the convention center by 7 PM.  They did have to kick us out, but I think the booth is pretty much together.  I'm heading over early this morning so I can do some last minute prepping and then to get ready for the awards ceremony this morning.  I get to hand over the cheque to the winner of the Best in Show!!!!  Now isn't that exciting!!!!

Setting up the booth

This show has a definite different feel from the Quilt Market/Festival.  And hold back my credit cards - everything is for sale here!!!!!   I vow NOT to buy any patterns - really - I can make them up.  But there is one that I saw yesterday that I have to have and it's not really modern!

I hope to do most of my shopping with my camera?  We'll see how good that goes and the variety of fabrics here - well - it's eye candy to say the least.   

I will be posting pictures during the day on Facebook and Instagram (crazyquilteronabike).  Hopefully, we will be so busy in our booth with people that we won't have time????   And I'll be able to post pictures at last of those projects that I was working on!

One last thing about QuiltCon - in the event that you think we are basking in the warmth here - think again.  It is COLD and DAMP.   I believe the low last night was 7 and the high today is 19.  While I knew it was going to be cold, I'm not quite prepared for that cold but I'm sure I'll manage and OK - it is warmer than back home!

Oh yes -  I had three more quilts dropped by the booth. One more got delivered to my hotel when I got home, so I slept with it last night!  Thanks Kelly!!!!   And I'll pick up the last one on my way to the convention center - Heather's plane was delayed!!!   Oh yes - a quilter on the edge!!!!

And now for the Vintage Moments Show n Tell.  

We had to move the date for the Saturday Sampler classes because I am away this coming weekend. There will be a few more show and tells at the end of the month when we hold the second class - no other way to accommodate everyone for the date move.

Image result for vintage moments quilt pattern
Vintage Moments by Marsh McCloskey
The homework this past month was to make the center block.  The center blocks look amazing and I can't wait to see the quilts as they progress through this year.  I'll be sure to share all the quilts with you. 

Center block - DONE!
A couple of people in the class had started this quilt with me when I taught it a couple of years ago. They didn't finish so they are hoping to get it finished this time around.  Me too - as I got to one point and got bogged down.

Claudette's Vintage Moments from the previous class

Wow - and there you have it.  Of course - I was tired last night. After we ate - it was late and almost 10 PM before I got to bed and then my internal clock kicked in and well - I've been awake for hours.  I might even get my book finished before I have to head out this morning.

Have an awesome day!!!!!


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