Wednesday, February 3, 2016

It's ALL ABOUT ME (in words!)

As you have probably guessed, I love to make things!  I'm not good at finishing them, but I try.  One of the things that I have worked on recently and able to finish in no time flat (well almost!) are those little duffle bags.  

Ronda (to whom I owe a MILLION favours) and I'd give her my first born, except she already has a teenage daughter and likely doesn't want another one. Anyway, Ronda was in the US on a mission to watch a football game a while back.  I wanted Star Wars fabric and so she  kindly stopped to buy me some.  I don't feel totally guilted out since she bought some for herself as well. 

So guess what I made with my Star Wars fabric.  Yep - that would be the duffle bag

Isn't it cute!!!! 
But you can't stop at making one - oh no.  

How about two?

Or even three!
The three guys in the graphics department are Star Wars fans and so I made each one of them a bag to hold crap.  I'm not sure what kind of guy crap they have to put in the bags, but it was a goodwill gesture since I need them to do graphics for some of my stuff!!

See the cute little bicycle tab???

Bicycle tab on the duffle bags

I was photographing the bags at work and well this is NON-Northcott fabric.  Brian walks by  - "DON'T look I warned him! - It's non-Northcott fabric!"   He laughed.

So you remember that I was doing something for my group presentation last week.   I didn't want to post until I had done the presentation.  I printed out the document, added stuff to it by hand and - well I still can't find the darn thing.  I just reprinted it.

Here's what I did.  A number of us did a group project a while back. Yes - it was a couple of years ago.  My theme was All about me in words.  The blocks are all different sizes, but they have to be in multiples of 4 inches.  So could be 4 by 4, 8 by 16 - that sort of thing.

Then you get a bunch of blocks back and have to configure them into a quilt. I decided as part of the EQ7 learning curve that I would put the blocks into EQ7.  A technological challenge which I  mastered just fine!!!!   I photographed each block and then cropped each photo so only the block was showing.  They are not perfect, but good enough for this exercise.

When I loaded the blocks into EQ7, I couldn't size them right.  They were trying to fit proportionally into the project and some of them needed to be skewed.  I know that probably doesn't make sense.  So a bit of digging into the HELP of Photoshop and next thing I know - the digital blocks are the same size as the original blocks.

OH MY GOD - that was easy and then I messed around with the blocks in EQ7.

 My digital quilt layout

Two real blocks with the digital layout

Isn't that exciting?????   On the paper that I CANNOT find, I had included a whole lot of other words that would apply to me and they just needed to be made up.  However - I can't find that paper. Do I have any takers who want to be included in this group project and make me a block with a word that they think describes me or has something to do with me?????   Isn't that shameful of me to ask you to do that??????   Not at all!!!!    I need a new quilt for a June quilt show and this might be a cool one to enter into that show. It's guaranteed to get in!   Let me know so we can coordinate - wouldn't want to have duplicates.

I had to clean up that mess on the cutting table and there was a pile of scraps that had to be dealt with.  I couldn't find any pillow cases (NO NEED to send me more - I have sheets, fabric samples, etc.) to make more bags.

Two fabric samples approximately the same size

One almost full awesome pet mat!

On that note - it's going to be another great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I love spin class at the gym and almost didn't make it as I was puttering around the house this morning and then looked at the clock - OH GOD and in five minutes, I was dressed and out the door.  I was even earlier than I normally am.

And if you don't already follow Sew Fresh Quilts - you should.  She is my new favourite blogger.  I love her style, I love her quilts, I love her animals.   Check it out and tell Lorna that I sent you!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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