Saturday, February 27, 2016

My name is Elaine and I'm a fabraholic!

I think that title says it all!  I was bad before, but now that I work at Northcott - well it's really bad!

This is all about a recent Saturday at Sew Sisters where I was teaching a class.  OK - it was a couple of weeks ago, but that's OK. 

Judy always has interesting fabrics in the store and a lot of them are VERY good prices. I always muddle through all the bins but obviously my eyes were shut on this particular day. 

One of the ladies was walking around with this in her hand - 

Octopus fabric that I coveted!!!!
Well she had already purchased it by the time I saw it. I was having a day when I was accumulating SMALL prints.  Not sure why - but I'm loving stuff with cute little prints on them.I missed this one and it was the ONLY piece and nothing on the bolt.  It was about a yard/meter cut and the lady who purchased it didn't even offer to share.  Oh well - get over it - not like I need more fabric!

However I did manage to snag other small prints - look at these cute Christmas prints.  They are tiny and very cute.  I bought an extra FQ of the reindeer - now to find come up with an idea of what to make with them.

Cute TEENY TINY Christmas prints

And a whole range of other teeny tiny things

Then the class was over and I had paid up and I stopped by the FQ table for some reason and OH MY GOD - look what I found!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    A FQ of the octopus fabric.   YES - it was in my bag before you could say SOLD.  Don't worry - I did pay for it!!!!

More little prints

Now I have said this on several occasions that I do NOT need any more backing fabric, BUT I saw these prints and since they fit the theme for something I have in the back of my head - well - I couldn't resist them.

Quilt backings

And a light background fabric with words on it!  I know - I must find something to use all these types in.

Wordy fabric

And - more bike fabric.  I just can't help myself.

Bike fabric

God help us if we ever have to move. 

That's not the worst of it.  I was at work yesterday and cut fabric for TWO more quilts - not sharing those with you - yet. Same quilt - two different fabrics.  Designing a number of quilts that will be used for my presentation at Quilt Market, but can't cut fabric since it doesn't even exist yet! And I brought home a gaggle of panels to do some experimenting with.  I know - it is sad - very sad!!!!!   But I'm happy as a clam!   I must get myself back on my schedule and back to following my book!  I'll be meeting with HER later tonight. 

I made EXCELLENT progress on those two quilt tops that I started the other day.  There are a total of 11 blocks in the quilt - I know - very weird setting!  I'm on number 7.  Making TWO of each for two seperate quilt tops.  The pattern is free so you will all be able to make it.  The top MUST be done by tonight.  That is my goal.  I do have a busy day, but should be able to get it done later this afternoon. 

Then I meet up with THE BOSS and back on track with work and customer stuff.  It's nice to just have a break and do something for fun!

On that note - I'm out of here. 

Have an awesome day!!


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