Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The long way home.................

It's all over, but getting back home.  All in all - it was a very uneventful trip home.  Got up, finished packing and managed to cram all my goodies into my small suitcase. We had a car pick us up at the hotel and we were off into the morning LA traffic.  It actually wasn't that bad and took just over one hour to get from Pasdena to the airport. The worse part of the traffic was right as we passed downtown LA (on the highway).

Traffic around the airport was CRAZY!!!!   I dont know how people can do it all the time. Anyway - never one to miss an opportunity, I had to sit up front with the driver.  I wanted to see everything and what better way to chat and find out stuff. This guy had been driving for 27 years - picks up loads of celebrities and company executives.  Even drove Lady Gaga once!

LAX - can you see the sign????

Made it through all the lines and had a bit of time to spend in the Air Canada lounge.  Not a bad lounge and got a chance to have a few nibbles.  So much nicer than being in the regular louge. Thanks to DH for those passes!

Then onto the plane - ah - we are sitting almost at the front in the new (well fairly new 787-9).  I've been on this plane before and I LOVE it. Although on this plane - they have the most amazing entertainment system.  I had never seen this before - oh crap - probably got the planes mixed up.  Where is Bob the retired pilot when you need some information. Maybe the -9 means a newer version?

The maps are incredible and are REAL!!!!   You could see the terrain and all the towns were identified.  It was fascinating!  I know - it doesn't take much to entertain me.

The ROTATINIG map on the plane

And this was another screen shot which showed the airspeed and altitude.  If you see those little images at the bottom of the screen - they represent the windows in the front of the plane (I think!)

Airspeed and altitude

OK - I NEED to go to the Grand Canyon.  It was on the opposite side of the plane from me and I've been in that area before but no time to explore.  The terrain is absolutely stunning - very desolate.   A good place to explore.  Maybe when we go to Salt Lake???  Brian was mentioning that last time, the Grand Canyon wasn't open yet.  Got to check that out.  So cool - we fly right over Las Vegas and you could identify all the hotels.  Like I said - it doesn't take much to amuse me.

I read my book for most of the way home, but couldn't really get into it until I was ready for bed!  I kept looking out the window on the plane! Of course - had some trouble getting to sleep because of the time change, but not much and I love this MILD temperature!

The girls came to the airport to greet me and Little Sammy was very happy to sit on my lap all the way home.  Miss Lexi was a little more aloof and quite happy to sit in the back of the car.

So nice to be home again, but now it's off to work to see what craziness awaits today.   There is a lot of follow-up from the show and a few e-mails to answer. Thankfully, I don't get a lot  and let's not forget the projects that are due within a very short period of time.  Must get some prep work done on those.

On that note - I'm off to work.

Have an awesome day!


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