Friday, February 12, 2016

Baby it's cold outside!

On my way to work yesterday, I saw this incredible halo around the sun.  I've seen sun dogs in the past (those two brilliant spots on either side), but never a halo like this.  Just before getting to work, I stopped in a parking lot to take the picture.  How the heck did that EXCLAMATION mark get in there????   But if you want to learn more - here's a link.    I bet that was light crapping out on my dirty camera lens!!!!!  

Halo around the sun due to the cold

Yesterday, I mentioned the Roll up the Rim - have a look here.   If you win big - make sure you keep that cup!!!!!   Thanks Susie for sharing that link.

And if you are starting to plan your 2016 Row by Row Experience - you better have a look at these two sites.  I think I have already posted one - but check it out.  These quilters are CRAZY.

Hawaiian cruise for Row by Row -- and of course, they entice you with little goodies!!!  Exclusive to that cruise.  Where do I sign up????  Oh WAIT - I wasn't going to collect anything this year.

Just in case you want to sign up - here are all the details.

And why not go all the way and go HERE.     I'm game - who is on board with me?????   I'm calling Air Canada to book a flight. I have no idea where these places are!   ACK - stop me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But seriously - I think someone from Northcott should have a road trip - you know - to check out the details!  WAIT - we are participating - it's not our contest.  OH DRAT!

Well - loads of work to do today and time to get started.

Have an awesome day - stay warm!!!!!


Wait - I think Lexi has something to say today as well.

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