Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Pressing issues!

Ever have one of those days when the world could come crashing down around you and you just don't care?  Well, that's not exactly what I mean.  But I was at the gym at 6 AM - had a great workout and I'm back to using that foam roller again.  You know how it is - you work out all the kinks and think - PHEW - I'm good.  But the lack of stretching, the lack of foam rollling massage and those darn IT band knots have come back to my hips.  I'm pretty stiff these days, but painful foam rolling will make me feel a whole lot better.   OUCH OUCH OUCH!!!!!

Had my relaxing time in the steam room and I walked out of that gym feeling like I could conquer the world. I wasn't able to get to the Monday sewing group as I had to leave work early - had a PRESSING appointment for a mammogram in the afternoon!   Actually it wasn't that bad and before I knew it - I was out of there and rather than go back to work, I can home and sewed on Quiltcon projects until late in the night.   I have to confess that I'm LOVING my quilt.  It looks exactly like it is supposed to - the colors are eye popping and I can't wait to see it finished.

Scraps from cutting out my Quiltcon quilt.
 Do you see my subtle marketing in the photo above???   See how all those SELVEDGES  (British English - please!)   are strategeically cut and laid out for your amusement or is that my amusement????

Speaking of selvedges - I saw this quilt on Facebook last night.

Check out the maker's blog - Riel.    She does a LOT of stuff with selvages (US ENGLISH)  and lots of fun stuff on her blog.  She lives in Canada.  I'll have to ask her about the selvedge/selvage thing!!!!   Who knew this could be such an interesting topic.  And I stumbled upon this blog the day after I learned about SALVAGES.   That spelling just reminds of SAVAGES which is NOT the same thing.

Well - as I got started last night on my Quiltcon quilt, I had another very PRESSING issue which was annoying. It would appear that my iron conked out!!!   Yikes!!!!   NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

I have a really nice, really heavy Reliable iron - yes there is some IRONY in that name!!!!   But for the most part - the iron has served me well. But the steam button wouldn't shut off and I hate to have all that steam blasting through the room.  Keep that thought in your head for one second - steam button!!!!   And water was leaking out of it.

My reliable - Reliable iron

 ACK - what to do? what to do???   I need to get working on this project.  Could buy a new one?   Please - not like I need a new iron - I have not one backup - but TWO backups.  Both practically brand new.

I grabbed the Maytag cordless iron.  This is practically an antique now and don't look for it in stores because they stopped making them.  I do LOVE the iron, but sometimes you do have to wait for it to reheat.  But the cordless concept - it's awesome.

Maytag cordless iron
 However, I need steam to get good seams and points.  And the steam is NOT WORKING.  Yes - there is water in the iron, but no steam.  I mess around with the button and nothing.

Then after I had pressed a dozen seams or so --- I relooked at athe steam button. AHA!!!!

Steam button

It would appear that I'm dyslexic. Yep - I was pushing the button down to turn on the steam - when in fact, I had to release the button UP to get the steam.  I was a much happier camper after that.  All is good and there are FOUR seams left in the Quilcon top.  Get it on the long arm tonight and I should be good to have that thing ready for the crate on Monday morning.

Well  - I have more pictures to post, but I'll save them for tomorrow.  I have a pressing issue like getting ready for work!!!!

Have an awesome day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. There's a place up near you, I think it's in Mississauga, that fixes those irons. I sent mine there a few years ago and they fixed it and I also bought a new one from them for half the price of it at the store. I think it's the Reliable distributor. Check it out when you have time.