Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Monday Sewing

Oh my - it was loads of fun to be back sewing with the Monday Maniacs!!!!   Yes - I love my job, but I also loved what I did before my job.  If I had to choose between the two???   Can't!!!!!   So getting to spend some time with them most weeks even for an hour or two and the occasional day - well I guess that is what they call having your cake and eating it too!!!!   Can I have some more please????

I'd like to start of by saying that not only are they quilters, but they are very coordinated.  Do you see how the cars are parked????   Two black/grey/white - then a red, two black/grey/white, then a red - the entire sequence and it wasn't planned or was it?????

Color coordinated parking
 Joyce - with the BLUE car is banned to the other side of the parking lot!!!!

Joyce's blue car - banned to the other side of the parking lot

And what did everyone work on????   Here's a sampling...............

Maria brought in this bag for show n tell.  Nice bag - a bit of a bear in some spots to get that zipper in and that final binding!!!  But well worth the effort.

Maria's nice bag

I remembered that some of the Monday girls were working on the 365 block challenge as well.  Lynn wass working on hers. Here are some of her blocks.
Block for 365 challenge

OOOH - so tiny!!!!!

Good progress in a day - they are not all that easy!!!!

Vivenda is also doing this project.  There are quite a few nut cases around!!!!    She is a couple of days behind, but not that far!!!!

Vivenda - 365 block challenge - blocks!!!

Never did get to see what Tish was working on, but here is her project all bundled up and ready to go back home.

Tish's project

Joyce was working on a One Block Wonder.  The next step - the design wall!!!!!

One block wonder - ready for the wall!

Annadele was doing hand stitching.  This is a project from many years back - Aunt Millie's garden!!!!

Aunt Millie's garden!!!!

Mary was working on a gorgeous yellow and turquoise quilt - love the colors!!!!

Mary's blocks!!!!

Maria was also working on this quilt

Susan was adding borders to a quilt with mitered corners!!!!!

Joy was doing a shadow quilt - I want to make one!!!!

Judith was working on this batik quilt!!!!
And I finished this little bag that will be winging it's way to California in a matter of hours

On that note - I hear my ride at the door and I have to GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have an awesome day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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