Sunday, February 14, 2016


You know how you see something and you want it?   Yes - there are lots of things. But this - I SERIOUSLY want this - got to find out how to find it.  I sent it to my Dad who I'm sure could make it, but might take less time to buy one.   How much does it cost I wonder????

Watch the video and then think about what the man is saying.  The world could change - HUGELY change because of this simple invention. And we would all be in better shape.

Yesterday was a busy day of classes and you'll see more of those details during this coming week.  When I got home, there is the usual - better unpack everything because otherwise - well the studio is becoming a bit of a disaster.  And I NEED those tote bags for other things. Now I'm happy in that mess, but somethings just have to be put away!!!!   So the cutting mat is tidied up.

Now it is time to get prepped for the coming week and that is where those BIG totes come in handy.  I have three of them laid out.  One is for Monday sewing - yes - I get to sew with the Monday Manicas this week as it is a holiday and those crazy quilters just wanted to sew. Yeah - I can hardly wait.  There is a LOT of stuff happening and I feel left out!!!!

So one tote is for Monday Sewing.  One is what to take to work on Tuesday and the third one is DO NOT FORGOT - this must go to QuiltCon. Can you tell that I LOVE those totes.  I have 7 - but you know that already and I have one more on the go and I'm going to try and make another one today!!!

Three BIG totes - super for getting organized

Once I had cleared some space off the cutting table, it was time to get back to the 365 block challenge.

365 Quilt
365 block challenge quilt
I managed to get 5 blocks done this morning - so that is a total of 8 so far for February.  I need six more to get up to date today. Not sure that that will happen, but I will try to eek a couple more out at least.  These ones at the moment are fairly easy so shouldn't take too long.

Five more blocks for the 365 block challenge

It is so much fun to see what the others are doing on the internet.

Look - at these blocks  (I'm only taking pictures of my friends blocks!)

She is up to date - oh go away!!!!!

Oh shoot - I'm trying to find the other set of blocks that are stunning and I can't find them.  She did them in briliiant rainbow colors and they are to die for!!!!!     Well - if I find the picture, I'll post it.

Well - lots to do today.  I have a few places that I want to go and hopefully they are open today, if not - well they're not and will try to get there on Tuesday.  But I have a date with this fabric today for sure.

Bright strips of Northcott's ColorWorks

They are gorgeous and my project is only supposed to take one hour. But since I'm making it slightly different, I figure it will take two and I have to dig out some more supplies.  Has to be done!!!!  No more delaying.

And speaking of rainbows and bright colors - what do you think of this card? Yes - I received two very beautiful and very thoughtful and very appropriate Valentine's Day cards.  A HUGE big thanks and hugs to my girls and DH for the fabulous cards.

Valentine's Day card

Not a Valentine's Day card - but a BEAUTIFUL card. 
Read the saying on the card - it is so me!!!!!  And with a beautiful personal message inside to boot!!!!

It's going to be a Happy Valentine's day for sure!!!!

Although the girls and I did go for a walk this morning, it was too cold to get in the car JUST to go to Tim's.  I made tea at home.  Isn't that sad!

On that note - I'm out of here.

Have an awesome day and stay warm!!!!

Ciao!!!!!!   (and NOW - hit PUBLISH!)

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