Saturday, May 7, 2016

Doing Good!!!!

Wow - the other night when I couldn't sleep, I was thinking about what I would pack in the car if I had 1/2 hour notice.  I couldn't come up with a list.  In my mind, I went through each room - bedroom - only clothes and furniture - easily replaceable. Bathroom - same thing. I must say that my heart leapt into my mouth when I thought of the studio. Now I'm not so worried about the fabric - there is plenty more and there are many quilts that are just quilts, but there are some that are very special to me. So what would I take?  Pets and quilts and pictures and electronics (to stay connected).  And all the more important to keep those "like" things together (like photos), so you could scoop them into a box and be gone in minutes.

In light of this current disaster (and there will be many more in the months/years to come), I've come across some very interesting articles and I hope that you read them (and pass them along) and watch the video. There is a very IMPORTANT and RECURRING message in each link. If you donate THINGS,  you are ONLY ADDING TO THE PROBLEM if what you donate can't be used.   Please think twice about donating anything and instead donate MONEY.  I know - I felt bad when someone asked me at work yesterday about donating fabric to make things and I said no - please donate money instead.

Have a look/read through these links.

Link One - When Disaster relieve brings Anything but relief   (seven minute video, but well worth watching)

Link Two - Red Cross site for the Alberta fire   (bottom line - people are ENCOURAGED to make cash donations)

Link Three - Want to help those fleeing Fort McMurray   (again - CASH donation is first and foremost the most important thing you can do

I will always remember the story of my brother and sister in law.  They live in Penticton. Many years ago, they were put on evacuation warning for a forest fire.  Now if I received an evacuation warning - I'd have the car stuffed in no time flat. I wouldn't be waiting until the last minute as I do with everything else.

However I think they did. My brother was at work when the warning became an order and they literally had to leave the house within a half hour.

They were able to move to the mother in laws house.  However upon arrival, it appeared that my sister in law packed clothes for the two boys and herself.  NOTHING for my brother.  We always get a good laugh over that - not then, but now we tease her all the time!

Fortunately for them, the fire was a slow burner - they watched the fire in the hills for days prior to the order to leave. Their house was saved, but others near them were not and it was sad as we drove through to see the devastation which is NOTHING compared to Fort McMurray.  But the fire came quite close to their house and that is close enough for me in any lifetime.

Again - please think twice about your donations - donate MONEY!

Have a great day!!!!


And have a look at this site - the pictures are not pretty.  But scroll through them to find the a tiny bright spot. A child's bicycle left intact.  The tire on the bike didn't even melt. How did that bike survive when everything around it was burnt to a crisp?

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