Sunday, May 29, 2016

Seek and ye shall find................

A few months ago, I was asked by someone to repair their summer quilt. There really wasn't a hurry as the weather hasn't been very summery.  Originally we thought there was only spot on the quilt to repair (pretty much right in the middle), but I noticed another spot on the edge - yes right through the binding.

Small repair to fix on a summer quilt

I was having difficulty finding fabric that matched the quilt and figured my best bet would be The Hobby Horse in Georgetown.  At last, I made it to Georgetown (taught classes yesterday and show n tell will be later).  I'm searching the shelves for a match and of course, everyone wants to see what you're doing.

I did find something that was pretty close, but Joyce pipes up "I have that same fabric at home".  Seriously?????   So when she got home, she checked and sure enough, she had a couple of yards of the darn stuff!   I stopped on my way home and VOILA - got matching fabric!!!!

Joyce's fabric

Now the dye lot is off - more likely, the quilt has faded.  I may leave the new piece in the sun for a bit to help fade it, but it would take a long time to match that up.  The repairs aren't going to be big, so I think I'll be OK.  Thanks Joyce and as we sat on her front porch to chat, there was a major down pour that lasted for five minutes!

But when I went to see the fabric that I had pulled to match the light fabric in the quilt  - I think my color is a little bit off there!!  Why did I think that dark fabric was OK?   It's all about the lighting for sure!!!!

Perhaps I need to rethink this fabric for the repair

Those quilt deadline are looming - got an e-mail this morning. THREE days left.  ACK and I've got two customer quilts to quilt today.  Plus I need to get that embroidery machine working.  Thankfully I have the Designer EPIC to mess with and the embroidery speed is FAST.   That's good because I need stuff in a hurry.

However, there was one problem.  I want to do some lettering and of course want to try that darn software package that I purchased a few years back.  Now where would I have put that? I didn't remember seeing it anywhere downstairs. Is it possible that I put it in the cupboard in the office that houses all kinds of software and computer bits?  I opened the door this morning, had a peek and right on top - there was the software.  NOT EVEN OPENED.

Embroidery software

So yes, it pays to put things back where they belong or put them where they belong in the first place.  You will amost always find them and since no one touches my stuff any more, I'm pretty much guaranteed to have everything right where I left it.  I love that!!!!

On that note, the first of the two quilts is loaded - still a bit early to start quilting on a Sunday morning. I'm almost finished the little modern quilt that I need for June 9 or somewhere in that time frame.  This is for a display at Quilt Canada by the Toronto Modern Quilt Guild.  You MUST come and see the quilts, not just mine, but all the others.  You can vote on the minis and please vote for mine!  But in all fairness, I'm not going to tell you which one is mine!   That wouldn't be fair.

Hi ho - hi ho - off to work I go, but first I need to fix my addiction.  Tea from Tim's!

Have a super day and stay cool.


BTW - I think Lexi has something to say this morning. She got a new toy yesterday.  Silly girl!   OH - this is how much I shop.  I ended up going to Wal-Mart to try and find Lexi's new toy.   They didn't have what I was looking for and I walked in the Wal-Mart and didn't recognize a THING.  The ENTIRE store had been renovated, every department was in a different place and I had NO CLUE.  Guess it's been about one year since I was last there. And when someone mentioned that the new hospital in Brampton - HUGE new building - is almost done - no clue that was being built either.  Clearly I live in a vaccuum.  But if it doesn't affect me, I don't really need to know about it!

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