Thursday, May 5, 2016

I LOVE my job!

Can't help it - I love my job. Gosh - I can't even call it a job, I should say that I love how I spend my days.

However,  my job at Northcott isn't all fun and games. Yesterday was one of those days, and I came home exhausted and yes, my knee was in excruciating pain - more than any day since the surgery, but I woke up happy and ready to go again!

Let's just say that things are a tad behind schedule. I won't go into details - it's just an ugly combination of circumstances. Needless to say, we're all working at full steam.

The crate has to be packed by 5 PM next Tuesday and there is ZERO time for panicking.

One of the things that we have to prepare are our walls of fabric squares. This picture is from a previous show.

Northcott booth - fabric squares
I spent Tuesday cutting out the fabric squares and got some of them prepped for sewing and some were finished, but most needed to be done yesterday.

Turns out I had a helper so I took full advantage of the day.  I brought in an extra ironing board and I sewed like a fiend in my office, tossed the squares to Maggie outside my office and she put on the fleece and turned them. Then I finished the pressing and they were then shipped to the "grommet girls" in the back who put grommets in all the squares.

When I went in to chat to the marketing girls (who are young) and I was chatting about giving the work to the "grommet girls", I made reference to Rosie the Riveter. Then I said - oh that would be before your time. And they said yes.  Well, Rosie was before my time and I think that with all the social media today - we are so focused in the NOW, that there is no room for anything from the past. That is a shame!!!!   Because without Rosie, many women wouldn't be doing what they are doing today!!!!   This was a very important part of the history of women in the world.   And perhaps, my analogy wasn't the best - I used Rosie more because the grommeting is a bit of a physically tough task!

Rosie the Riveter

We managed to get TWO walls completed (out of four).  Well we almost finished the two walls, I just couldn't physically stand any longer and I had to leave at 5:30. I'll finish them off this morning and the grommet girls can do their magic.  What an amazing team effort to make that happen. Only two more to go and a few quilts and bags.

Now if I had of been doing it alone or with Susanne, I wouldn't have felt so much pressure, but with the extra hands, I wanted to take full advantage of the situation.  So I pushed on!

Square production

While we have a sewing room, it is too crowded (HA!) especially for three people and little ventilation or air circulation.  I was hot as anything the day before, so this time - we worked in comfort in the front reception area!

E-mail and any other things on my desk are right where I left them two days ago.  I'm doing the bare minimum and it's going to be a pain to try and catch up, but all hands on deck!!!!

I still have 6 quilts to quilt, bindings, sleeves and labels to be made and put those lovely bindings on my sewing machine.  Yep - it's going to be crunch time.  I actually spent a great deal of the day in denial.  I wlll NOT think about what still needs to be done.  I will only work and focus on what is physically in my hands!!   And it works - there is no panic!

I did come home, back to the couch where I wasn't so much tired to sleep, although I did have a good nap. But my knee was very painful and it was throbbing.  Lesson to self - don't be stupid like that again!!!!!

Today should be a bit calmer - at least in the morning.   I'm just taking it minute by minute!!!

While I'm doing all this "fun" quilting, I'm thinking about how to formulate my presentation which takes place at Spring Market.  I'm pretty excited about it and well - for those who come, they will be blown away - at least I hope so!

I'm off for a follow up visit to the surgeon this morning.  Despite my lack of respect to my own knee, I think I'm recovering nicely.  The leg cramp has diminished and well - it only goes uphill from here!!!!

Now where's a piece of paper - I need to make a list!!!!!    Things to order, things to prepare, things to sew............................

Have a great day!!!!


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