Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Just one more......

I'll be very glad when this crate leaves tomorrow and let me say that there are going to be some changes for the next Market. Matter of fact, we'll be doing a lot more planning right after we get back!  Now I realize that a number of  crazy circumstances put us in this position and what is life without a bit of living on the edge, but this is insane. 

And of course, the moment the crate leaves, the pressure is off. 

Anyway, not complaining - just making mental notes for myself  - always trying to improve the processes to see how they can be changed, eliminated or tolerated!  

More quilts came in yesterday and so I grabbed some quilts, went home around 3 PM and got four of them done before coming to work this morning.  Now none of them are super big - thank goodness for that, but you still have to load them. One left to do later today. One - only one!!!

One big pile of quilts to be trimmed!
I don't think I've ever quilted so many quilts is so short a time. Wow - I might just get  my act together to get some of my own quilts quilted!

I did manage to get the top four quilts on that pile trimmed this morning. The other ten will get trimmed later today.  Since they are for my short presentation, the edges will be serged (and bound later). But for the purposes of the presentation, serged edges will be just fine!

Then it will be tidy up time.  My scrap basket is overflowing and although I have fabric cut to make some pet mats to put the scraps in, there is no time to serge the bags up!

Overflowing scrap basket
I have to say that the wonder of bags is huge. I just leave them set up and sort things accordingly. Works like a charm!!!!

After today, the number of bags I carry to and from work will dimish.

Bags for sorting

M left very early this morning and is already home on the other side of the country.  That feels kind of weird and while I was sad to see her go, it will be quiet in the house. Did I mention that I like quiet??

On that note, I'm out of here.  Got one last BIG project to finish up.  The fourth wall of squares.  What a job!  I'm a pretty patient person, but this is a long job and I'm bored to death with it.  Let's just say, we'll be looking for something new for next time and I'm certainly not volunteering to do it!!!

Have a great day!!!!


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