Thursday, May 12, 2016


I'm not sure how that happened, but the crates are gone!!!!   Everyone was working on stuff right up until the final moment when the door was closed and locked shut!  I have visions of it exploding somewhere along the way!  The crates aren't that full - OK - all three are them are chock a block full.  

I went to post my blog yesterday and where or where did those pictures go???  No idea. I swear that I posted them on the blog, but alas, no pictures when I went to write.  

So you remember the pile of quilts that had to be trimmed?  Well, those quilts got trimmed and now look - a huge mess of quilt cut off pieces.  

Quilt cut off scraps

I have started to sort this out and pitch the scraps, but it isn't a priority for the moment.  Nope - once I got home last night, I had to get my block ready for the round robin at the Grand River Modern Quilt Guild.  From the moment, I got the project, I knew what I was going to add.  Let's just say there is a bit of improv, a bit of tradition and a bit of curved piecing!  Thank goodness it was improv, because I messed up trimming the small paper pieced section!

Anyway - once those quilts were trimmed, they were rolled into three neat bundles and ready to load on the crate. 
Quilts ready to be loaded in the crate

Now if you look closely, you'll see how I managed to get those "bindings" on so quick.  Yes - ALL of them have a serged edge. 

Serged bindings!!!

What a time saver that is!!!!!    I might think of this for future quilts!   Actually, these quilts are for a presentation only so I'm not worried about them not having binding. But they will get bound!

And here is the floor where those quilts were.  YES - there are projects under there and those need to be addressed, but not until the weekend!
More projects that were hidden

And the next project on the cutting table - trying to get rid of the scraps for the pet mats. I was trying to get one of the mats serged this morning and jammed up the serger and broke a needle!

Pet mat construction

And here is my off-cuts from the two collections and two different colorways.  Which reminds me that I need a smidgen more of a couple of them to make my project this weekend!!!!

Scrap bags!!!!

On that note, while things have calmed down, I'm still prepping stuff for market. Things that I will take with me or meetings to set up.  And after a lengthy meeting this morning, time is running out.

Have a great day!!!!!


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