Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Ooops - I did it again!

You know it's sad when your memories on Facebook say "I survived a quilting marathon".  And you know that you'll go through that experience again and again.  Could I schedule things differently?  Not sure, but I can always try!   Part of the problem is that I don't always feel that I'm the one that dictates my schedule.  Perhaps that is just a major scheduling SNAFU on my part.

Well - I was going to write a post with some of the pictures that I have edited last week, except they are not loaded to the internet, so that isn't going to happen.

However, I'm happy to report that I went to the gym, had a super good workout.  The knee is starting to feel almost like a normal knee. I don't look like an idiot as I walk up and down the stairs. I could almost run up them!

Instead today I will leave you with a link to QUILTSocial where you get to enjoy another post about the Husqvarna Viking Designer EPIC.  Yes, I do feel very grateful for the opportunity to review these sewing machines and in particular this one.  There is a surprise around every corner to say the least.
Yes, I want one, but not in my budget at the moment. I could use one as I have a ton of embroidery to do that needs to be done ASAP, so I'm going to use those projects to learn about the Designer EPIC. Can't wait - just need to eek out some time.

On that note, have a great day!!!


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