Friday, May 6, 2016


Just when you need the sleep, it doesn't come.  Another crazy long day at work, but the good news is that while we're still waiting on stuff to come in, we're still insanely busy trying to process what came in the day before. That is a good and bad thing.  It's all hands on deck and everyone (OK - not everyone) was cutting fabric.

When I offered to show our "grommet girls" how to iron binding, I was told NO, they would have other things to do.  HEY - it's good for everyone to learn to iron!

Anyway - at one point, I was going to take a picture of the mess as I spill out of my office and realized I left the darn camera card at home so got a photo with my cell phone.

The spillage

Let's see, now there is an ironing board outside the office. That's my stuff on the table and of course those real estate signs are mine.  There isn't a spare inch of flat surface in my office and still haven't unpacked the boxes from our Paducah trip.

FIVE more days before the crate leaves.  FIVE - but I'm not counting and there certainly isn't time to panic.

I cut fabric for four bags yesterday - two tote bags and two craft bags.  The pattern called for foam core to stabilize the craft bags, but of course with a garage full of corregated plastic, I chose the plastic.  And can you believe that those real estate signs were the right width - I just had to cut the length.  That was EASY!!!!

The four bags have now been farmed out to sewers - thank you!!!!!!   OH - the last one is being picked up this morning.

I went to see the surgeon yesterday and I was doing a bit more research.  Yes - it would appear that it really isn't the meniscus that is causing me trouble in my knee - it's arthritis.  Well the two together.  Anyway - I'm not even thinking about the arthritis and as far as I'm concerned, the repair on the meniscus is going to make everything rosy and it will be!   I told the surgeon that I had already been to the gym and his eyes bugged out.  Wait  a minute! I'm not that stupid.  I told him what I was doing and he was fine with that and told me to start quad exercises already.  Did I want physical theraphy? or would I do it on my own?   I think you know the answer to that one!!!   I didn't tell him that I parked my car on the 8th floor of the parking garage and walked up and down the stairs.  Not even winded because at my turtle pace on the stairs.  But I'm getting better - going up is way easier than going down.

However, I have to say that after an entire day of standing on the leg (almost 16,000 steps), I was tired.  I dropped off stuff at the guild meeting and came home. Iced the leg and then back to work.  Got the next quilt ready for the long arm and it is loaded waiting for me later today.

After a terrible night where between my knee which wasn't hurting, but it wasn't happy either and my brain going a thousand miles a minute, I really didn't sleep much.  So today is a new day.  The knee is feeling not too bad, but I'm taking my big sewing machine to work so I can sit down and sew on bindings (anyone want to join me - come along - I've got 10 of them to stitch on at some point), bindings to make and backings to sew.  Seriously - the door is open today at work - if anyone wants to take me up on it.  We can have a party in that space and really liven the place up!!!!  

After a bit of  sitting down, then I have cutting to do.  So I'm alternating and since I'll be alone (yes - I know no one will come to my rescue although I could try the Tom Sawyer trick! - it's so much fun to sew on bindings by machine - it's so much fun to cut fabric!).  Anyway, I'm working by myself today so no pressure, I can take a break when I need. Yeah!!!!!  

On that note - I'm out of here. Off to work with my quilts and my fabric!

Have a great day!!!!


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