Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Does this happen at your house?

It was spin class this morning. I honestly don't know how Joseph can get my legs to a state of exhaustion so quickly! That means that I'm NOT in as good as shape as I would like. Well - my legs need to be stronger I guess. But cranked out another 31 KM in the class. All is good and there is no better feeling than walking out of the gym after one of those workouts! I could conquer the world!

But I seem to have a wee problem with my eye this morning. It's like I've a piece of sand under my eyelid. I tried flushing it out in the shower, but no go. Hopefully it will float away later today. Doesn't hurt, just annoying!

I did paperwork yesterday - not a lot, but enough. I spent the morning at a barbell class at the gym! We didn't lift a ton of weights - a lot of talking, but that's OK. Better to learn the techniques - I have the worst posture ever! I really need to work on that.

I also spent some time cleaning up the backyard. It was such a nice day and well - after a winter with two dogs, it needed to be done.

And that DAMN book. It's an Anne Perry and while it's hard to read - not the book itself, but it takes place in the last 1800's and so the style and language is completely different. And what can I say - sitting in the front room with the sun blazing in - it's hard not to have a wee nap! I really must find a more comfortable chair though!  I want one of those oversized chairs that has a good head rest so when I fall asleep, I don't wake up choking on my drool!!!  That was too much information - I know!

Let's not forget that it was beautiful outside yesterday and I had to take a walk. I just had to! I have several routes that I take depending on what errands I need to do. I made it to Loblaws where I bought this.

Liquid calcium
From my food diary, I know that my calcium intake is about half of what it should be. I have tried calcium tablets in the past. They are HORRIBLE to swallow and that's probably why I never persued them. I saw chewy tablets - expensive. There were gummies that I could eat. But I thought I'd try the liquid. Yep - that works for me.

So if anyone was thinking that I was deficient in calcium, I'm now good.

On my way home, I took a detour so I could stop by Tim's. I don't know why - it's this stupid Roll up the Rim and in the several weeks that it's been happening, I haven't won a single thing. Very annoying and very unusal as I've usually won sevral things by now.

Guess what? I won yesterday. Guess what I won?  A stupid DONUT!!!  Now how am I supposed to eat the darn donut?  I might trade it in for a scone. But that is also probably loaded with stuff I shouldn't be eating. Just my luck!!!   My god - a scone is 360 calories!!!!  I won't be having a scone. I could have an oatmeal raisin cookie for 210 calories. If I eat that on a day when I do spin class, it won't be so bad and if I walk to Tim's that's even better.  Isn't it insane to be this silly about the food that I eat?  But those pounds are coming off and I'm not ruining a good thing. It's all about awareness and choices!!!!

Even with all that other stuff, I did manage to get a table runner quilted. That was it - just one small table runner!!!

Table runner quilted!!

Does this happen at your house? I start the day off with a clean kitchen table. And by the end of the day, it looks like this?  Seriously - I have to learn to put things away!!

A mess from ONE day

Actually it looks a whole lot worse at the moment as I took some stuff from the office and put it on and around the kitchen table. Things that I want to deal with today. I'm trying to get stuff cleaned up in the office, as well as paperwork and I can't forget that I have slightly more than three weeks before the long arm goes in for servicing. There is NO time for delay, but I seem to find lots to delay myself!

Oh - one good thing happened yesterday. I went to write a pattern only to discover the pattern was already written!!!  Yeah!!!

On that note, I'm out of here.

Have a super day!!!


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