Monday, February 26, 2018

Sit n Sew days are the BEST

Yesterday was yet another super sit n sew day! And we're going to make them a year-long event. For those that accepted my invitation on the blog last year, I'll be sending out a note with future dates! Unfortunately, there's NO ROOM to add anyone at this time. It's so nice to get together with amazing friends. The conversations - well we talked about a lot of subjects yesterday and you don't need to know what they were, but all were very entertaining.

I don't have a lot of time this morning, so I'm going to focus on what the others were working on and I'll show you what I was working on tomorrow.

There were eight of us but I didn't get pictures from everyone. Some people were just starting new projects - I should have taken a picture of Ronda's quilt that she finished - she did post it on Instagram - I could steal the picture from there.

Found the picture on Facebook.

Ronda's quilt
The pattern is called Crazy 8's which for some people, well let's just say it works for some and for others it doesn't (right Shelly).  Ronda bought a bundle of Organic cotton from The Hobby Horse last week. I saw the fabric but wasn't sure I liked them, but now that I see them in a quilt, there are pretty neat. Do I need them? Will I buy them??  Depends if I can find a good use for them. I can't just buy them!

Let's see what some of the others were working on.

France was working on something that looked a lot like paintbrushes!  Now, what would she be making a whole lot of fabric paint brushes for???

Are these paintbrushes?
Turns out, those "paint brushes" make a cute little bunny!!  Isn't that adorable! She's making them for her co-workers and she'll be putting a yummy Easter treat in the little bag.

Cute little Easter basket
 I bet her co-workers love her! Too bad I gave up chocolate or I would have been hinting!

Liz has been working on a project that she bought when we were on retreat last year? Or was that two years ago?  I don't remember. But she went to the local quilt shop where she was just going to browse and came back with a kit!!!  It's absolutely adorable. I believe she's now on the last block. There's still a lot of work to be done, but it's looking super cute!!!

Road Trip block  
 When the embellishments are on the blocks, those little guys are zip lining!!!

A few more of the cute cute cute blocks
 And here's the pattern. It's by McKenna Ryan.

Road Trip by McKenna Ryan
 I have several of these patterns (not Road Trip - different patterns) and every time that Liz brings this, I so want to start one of mine. I even pulled the pattern out yesterday after everyone left. As if!!!  But I could try to do it in the evening after I've shut down the sewing machine. But I like reading in the evening.

Joyce was finishing up an amazing tote bag! She'll be teaching this bag at The Hobby Horse in May. It's called Brooks bag by Auntie's Two. She used foam for the body of the bag. It's got a magnet closure and gorgeous buttons on top.

Brooks Bag
 I would say that if you're interested in taking the class, you had better call soon because a number of us were interested in taking the class!!!!

Pam was working on these cute little blocks from Happy Hollow.  Oh, my god - they are the cutest!!  Do you know what this is??

Ruby red slippers!

These are Dorothy's ruby red slippers from Wizard of Oz. She still has to put the bows on the shoes, but they are adorable. 

Diane was working on half square triangles on a quilt that has a very nice block. I didn't get a picture, but the block was super nice. Do I need to make it? No, but I liked it! And Sharon was working on a Border Creek mystery. One that I don't have and I'm NOT starting another one!  No way!!!! 

Hmm - while I like sit n sew days, there's a huge danger here. Do you see what I see?  I want to make what the others are making and I don't even have time to finish what I have! But I was good - I'm staying focused and I got loads done. I'll share tomorrow.

Have a super day!!!


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