Tuesday, February 20, 2018

There's an app for that!

I'm very happy to report that the seam ripping experience for yesterday was greatly reduced from the previous week. I'm guessing that it was MY fault for last's week seam ripping escapades and NOT Lynn's because she was sitting beside me yesterday. Oh boy - I guess we all have days like that!!

Even though it was a productive day, there isn't a whole lot to show for my efforts. But here they are.....

Back to work on the 150 Canadian Women project.  I was certain that I had prepped 12 blocks, but it appears that I only prepped 11. I got 9 of them completed yesterday - took all morning! And the very first block I started with, I had miscounted some of the squares I cut and I was short by 4 squares. I fixed that when I got home so 10 got made yesterday. One of the blocks needs the ends of the triangles cut off for easier sewing and I have templates for that at home, so that block and the templates are in the bag for next Monday. And I prepped eight more blocks last night.

Blocks for 150 Canadian Women
Once I get the 8 from next week sewn, I'll have 66 blocks completed and only 84 more blocks to go. Oh my - I'm close to halfway! If I can continue with 6 blocks each week, that will take me 14 more weeks. Yikes!!!   But I'm determined to not let this sit as a UFO.

However, this is all the red fabric that I have left after prepping the next 8 blocks. I think I might have to add some reds to my shopping list.

Reds for the 150 Canadian Women project
 I don't want to make a big quilt using all 150 blocks so as I'm sewing, I'm thinking of various ways to split the blocks and come up with some creative ways to sew them together. I haven't done any planning yet, but I might get started since (hopefully) before I know it - those 14 weeks will have zipped by!!

Speaking of buying fabric, someone left a comment on my blog yesterday that is hilarious, BUT very serious at the same time. Someone has created a spreadsheet (that we can all use). You enter what you use from your stash and what you buy with the end result being a deficit at the end of the year. Just like if you're counting calories and wanting to lose weight. See - quilting really is like eating!!!

Here's the LINK to the blog.  Scroll down in that blog post to get the download link to the spreadsheet. It's really very simple, yet an ingenious way to get PERMISSION to buy more fabric. It's also a way to really identify if you're reducing your stash or not. Since I'm really focused on finishing UFOs, I might calculate approximate yardage in a project when it's finished, although technically it's out of my stash already. Anyway, read the blog, it's an eye opener!!!

And thanks to whoever it was that e-mailed that link!!!

I also got a couple more blocks completed for the National Quilter's Circle Block Challenge. This is a free pattern and I don't really follow the comments on Facebook, but thank goodness I don't because it appears that there are a ton of people complaining because the patterns are hard to read (NOT!), there are errors (I think I found one in 6 blocks).  The blocks, although they are large, are a wee bit of a challenge especially since I changed the colors compared to the original. When will people ever become grateful for something free and stop complaining!

Two more blocks for the National Quilt Circle Block Challenge

I have two more blocks ready to sew next week. I'm happy with the blocks, they are huge - 16 " square and the quilt will certainly be bright. Gosh - I was marking some lime green squares yesterday and almost went blind!

Am I dedicated to this weight loss/eating better thing? You bet. I got home from Monday and realized that I was doing great on the calorie intake, but my Fitbit steps were down for the day. Should I run around the house to get to 10,000 steps?  No! I decided to go for a walk after dinner. Well, if I was going for a walk, I certainly couldn't go by myself so I had to get the girls ready and there we were walking in the rain, in the dark just so I could get Fitbit steps. And they say technology is bad for you!!! 

Technology is good as long as you use it wisely!  And so today is a new day. New calorie intake and a new goal for Fitbit steps.

On that note, I've got a lot of work to do today and I've got a lot of errands and the errands are taking precedent over the studio. Yikes!  I'll have to play catch up tomorrow.

Have a great day!!!



  1. Saw your Pinwheel Puzzle in McCall's Quilting & love it! Eliz. Andrews

    1. Thanks!! Yes - there are a few that have been published and it's pretty exciting!