Thursday, February 22, 2018

Farm Girl Vintage show and tell

Yes - it's time for show and tell. I've not been very timely with these in the past and this year, I'm planning to be more on the ball. The class was held last Saturday so it's not even been a week!!!  Yeah!!!

Farm Girl Vintage by Lori Holt
There are a lot of people in the class so I'm not going to be able to remember everyone's name!! Well, I remember names, but not everyone so I won't mention any!

For each pattern, there are two sizes of blocks - a 6" finished or a 12" finished. Many are opting to make the 6" blocks, but some are making only the larger ones, while others are making some big and some small. Those small ones will fit nicely in those plastic cases, I posted about yesterday! Just saying!! If you can find the darn things.

The homework was to make three blocks - the Kitchen Window (the one on the upper left), postage stamp (upper right) and pinwheel (bottom).

And I have to say that the quality of the workmanship of the group was AMAZING!!!!   Those seams were twirled where possible to make the blocks lie flat and the pressing? Oh my - those seams were FLAT. I'm very proud of the group! They're doing fabulous and it's only the first class! Imagine what we're going to see at the end of the year!!!

Here we go with the show and tell................

Two softer pastel blocks and a brighter one - all scrappy!

This person decided to have a sunflower appear in her Kitchen Window block and did not piece it like the pattern said. I love when people deviate from the pattern to make it their own!! Again - more scraps being used here.

Nice Kitchen Window block with the sunflower in the middle

Lori has other blocks that you can purchase (they are residing on the Fat Quarter Shop web page). This person bought the pig block (it's not in the book) and made both block sizes of the pig. So very cute!!!!

Momma pig and baby pig

I should mention also, that the group doesn't have to make every block if they don't want to.  Technically they could make a quilt out of ONE block. It's totally up to them. It's a bit of a design class as well as a block class. Heck - it's a get together sew along!!

This person has made the postage stamp block in two sizes - the big and the small as well as a small pinwheel. I believe she used a mini-charm pack for the larger size of the postage stamp block (using one of Lori Holt's fabric collections).

Two different sizes of the postage stamp block
Another group of the three blocks - love the border on that Kitchen Window block!!! 

Nice color palette - not too bright, not too pastel!!!

This person is making all large blocks and not sure where it's all going to end up. She made the Kitchen Window block on the left and didn't like it (?????   - I love the color combination) and so she made the new block on the right using sashing!!!  I love them both!!!

Large Kitchen Window blocks - one even has window sashing!!!

Large pinwheel and postage stamp blocks - those blues are intense!!!
 Love these blocks. I wonder if this person is working with the person who did the previous set of small blocks?  I see that blue diamond in the postage stamp in both blocks? Or are they just using the same line fo fabric?  I love that!!!

Look at that blue diamond
This person has gone wild!!  She made several versions of several of the blocks. Do you like the black/white combination or the color combination?  I love the Kitchen Window block. It's amazing!!!!

Wild coloring for the farm! 
 This person made a couple of extra blocks in addition to the three from the book. The mixer and the pig are all extra blocks that can be purchased at Fat Quarter Shop. They are super cute!!! And it looks like the blocks are made from 30's fabrics. That's going to look awesome.

30's fabric - great idea!!!
 Here we have a combination of big and small blocks. I think it's going to be fun to figure out how to put them together, but not so hard as four small blocks equal one big block. That's super easy!!!

Big and small blocks
I love the Kitchen Window block. I really really love that block and while I've liked the ones with the grey borders, the red just pops this block!!!  And a very scrappy postage stamp!!

Love that red border on the Kitchen Window block
 I have a newbie in the class and she's learning how to make half square triangles. So this is what she brought for show and tell.  She's on the right track and I love that plaid!!!

Half square triangles from the newbie
 Another nice combination of colors - again - not too bright and not pastel. These quilts are going to be gorgeous!!!

Love the dots in the pinwheels!
 I love how people are changing up the blocks or even using their own color combinations. They look amazing. Look at this Kitchen Window block - there's a cat in the window!!!  Nice use of fabric!!!

There's a cat in the Kitchen Window
 This is using one specific collection of fabric that's very modern, very soft and the final quilt is going to be very pretty!!
Very pretty and soft color palette

Here's one more set of blocks. Notice the pinwheel block and the one beside is a variation of the pinwheel!!  As well as the Kitchen Window. These blocks look like they are different sizes so that will be a challenge for the maker to put them together!

Variations of the blocks and different size blocks

Here are my two blocks that I completed. NO - I haven't had a chance to finish the postage stamp block as I was waiting to get scraps from cutting some of the others. Oh great - now the class will hate me for saying that!!!!!

I made one of the 12" blocks (the only one I plan to make) and two of the smaller blocks.

My blocks using a single fabric collection

Here are the homework blocks for this month! There are five blocks in total and YES - I made them all!!!!

The homework blocks for February

And now, I've posted the blocks before I sent the e-mail to the group with the homework. Oh well, sometimes, I'm ahead of the game and sometimes, I'm not!!!

Have a great day!!!!


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