Sunday, February 25, 2018

One of these seams is not like the others

Have you ever had one of those days when EVERYTHING is going your way? That must have been the case for me yesterday. I felt great and I was motivated so I took advantage of the situation.

First - a quick update. I did pop to the gym strictly to do my weigh-in. It's so crazy busy on Saturday that I couldn't imagine working out with all those people. I do prefer to go first thing in the morning during the week. So here's the good news - my weight is DOWN and my fat percentage is also DOWN!!!!  Let's just say that I'm a happy camper. I don't work out every day - I'm managing to make it to the gym twice a week. I want to increase that, and it will happen. I do manage to get my 10,000 steps in every day or almost.

So it's not exercising that's dropping the weight. It's EATING. While I can eat anything I want (and yesterday I had TWO small cookies - 65 calories for 2). It's about choices - since I had those two cookies, I didn't have a banana. And it's also about portion size. I'm not hungry and more importantly, I don't crave sweets at all! I'm shocked, but maybe it's a good idea to do a D-TOX program BEFORE you attempt a lifestyle change (notice - I did NOT say diet - this is NOT a diet) to get rid of those cravings in your body?  I've no idea, but overall, this has been a breeze (more or less). The lifestyle change certainly seems to be liking me and I like it. As a result, I think I can keep this up for the rest of my life!  Yeah!!!!

So what got done yesterday? You better sit down because you're going to be tired.

I had loaded this quilt the night before so I was ready to go. The quilt is done and just needs to be trimmed so it can be delivered tomorrow.

Customer quilt - DONE
 Then I was still full of energy and I thought I would plunge ahead and quilt something of mine. So I loaded this quilt - I'll tell you the story next week. It's pretty cool. But it's done, the quilt is trimmed and ready for the binding (which is made) to be put on.

My quilt - DONE
 You see what happens is that when I'm quilting, I have loads of time to think. I do some of my best thinking when I'm quilting. I love it - it's very relaxing. What can I do next? I've so much that needs to be quilted.  Hey - I need something quilted on a domestic machine (you'll know why next month). So I basted this table runner (OK - so I basted with the iron!). The table runner is small and it didn't take long to get it quilted. The quilting is quite different from the other one I quilted yesterday (there are two identical table runners) but that's part of the plan. Remember - I said that I try to make my projects do double duty or triple duty if I can!

Table runner - quilted!!
And before I shut the lights out, I loaded the next project on the long arm ready for later today or tomorrow. Another one of mine!  What is happening here? Who invaded my brain?

Then it was off to finish cutting those white/black squares for the pixelated apple quilt. I don't know why I'm so excited about this project, but I might as well take advantage of that excitement and get as much done as I can. So this is block 7 laid out and ready to sew.

Block 7 of the pixelated apple quilt

But I'm wasn't done - I didn't want to have to pick up the blocks for the Celtic Solstice quilt so I plowed ahead. While I was sewing the rows together, something didn't feel right. I never had the orange touching the orange before? Why is that?  Oh shoot - can you see what I did??

 I had to rip out the corner of that one block and rotate the square. It's all good now and hopefully, there are NO more mistakes in the quilt. But I kept going and now the quilt is in TWO halves. One more seam and those quilt blocks are together. All that remains are the three borders. I'll need to hang it on the design wall to figure out exactly what I'm going to do. That's not for today. But I'm going to get that last seam done for sure. Don't forget - it's "sit n sew" today and I've got all day to sew!!!!

One more seam for the Celtic Solstice blocks

I'm super excited about the amount of work that I'm getting done. It's very exciting to see things actually getting cleaned up! I do have a number - a fair number - of quilts that either just needs the borders put on, or maybe the backing needs to be made or the binding. And then there is a fair number that where the blocks just need to be sewn together. If I keep up this pace - well, I'd better hire a long arm quilter for sure!!!!

But I'm trying to sneak a couple of my own quilts in from time to time and I think I'm down to 7 customer quilts in my possession and a few more that will be coming so I'm in good shape there. But I'm NOT taking any more until my machine comes back from its spa day. Oh and I think there are 4 magazine quilts to finish as well. So I really really am in very good shape.  It's all in the attitude - stay positive and I think the change in eating habits has helped a LOT. I'm also drinking a lot more water which is probably good for me.

I have everything organized for today - a very simple matter of tidying up which I love and when the ladies leave later today, I can spread out one of those quilts that needs some borders and figure out what to do. Oh yes - life is good!!!

In case you haven't seen or heard this, I stumbled across this article about Ken Burns (a US filmmaker) and his love of quilts. It's pretty cool and in the NY Times no less.  There's also an interview on CBC and some pictures of his exhibit of quilts at the International Quilt Study Museum in Nebraska (on my bucket list).  Look at the quilts on the CBC site in the Museum - they are beautifully displayed.  Oh my - I want to collect antique quilts, but I'm poor!!!

Here's a request for some of you. If anyone can direct me to a good site for what things need to be put in place for aging parents. You know - wills, powers of attorney and all that jazz - we need to start getting everything in place and if you have suggestions, or things that absolutely made your life better or worse because it was or wasn't done - please e-mail me with the links or comments.

On that note - I'm out of here. I have a few things to get done before the ladies start arriving.

Have a great day!!!


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