Saturday, February 17, 2018

Progress report

I heard last night on the John Tesh radio show that journaling is a good thing. Why? Because it makes us accountable for what we say and what we do! That statement is so right on the money and it's for that reason that I'm as productive as I am. I need to have things to write about and if I don't sew, I've not much to talk about. Hence I'm more productive because I journal (write the blog). I love it and it's one of my favorite times of the day. Mostly I write for me, but I think of all of you who read (and a HUGE thank you to you all for reading) and sometimes I wonder - what will they think of me for writing this (whatever this is?) and then that thought goes out of my head and I write whatever I want to write!  I do try to keep it entertaining and mostly about quilting.

I made great progress on the paperwork yesterday. I even dug out something (for me) that I had wanted to do for quite a while and yes - I managed to find all the paperwork. A little more sorting and that job will be done and ready to be filed away. It meant diving into the boxes of paper that I brought home from the office, but I zeroed in very quickly on what I needed.

I must say that I'm not getting as much quilting on the long arm that I had hoped to be doing, but I'm doing great everywhere else.

And the weather is so nice that I NEED to take a walk every day. The other day, DH came home with a cup from Tim's in his hand and I said - where's mine? AH -  This was his cup from the morning so he didn't toss it by the wayside when he went to get a new one. Anyway - that was enough for me, I grabbed my coat and I was off for a walk to Tim's. I had a couple of errands to do and on the way home, I stopped for tea. I figured that justified the tea  - even though there was no sugar in it. I'm getting pretty used to it and I don't miss my old standbys - the hot chocolate and the steeped tea with sugar. But I do need to watch because I asked for large decaf, black and I got COFFEE.  Shoot - I forgot to specify that it was tea!!!

It's weigh-in day at the gym - I'll see what's going on there this afternoon.

You know how good we all are at procrastinating? Right?  Come on - you're just as guilty as I am. Well, I'm sure I posted this picture a while back, but my lovely Murphy LOVES thread and one day, she grabbed a spool that I was using to hand stitch something and look what she did with it!

How Murphy uses thread
 The little plastic sleeve that is supposed to keep everything neat and tidy on the spool was still on when I rescued it. She managed to unwind the thread for the top part of the spool. Silly! She doesn't eat it - she just likes to mouth things.

So I sat down with my trash can and the spool and a pair of scissors to see what could be done.

The trash can and the spool
And after cutting that big whack of thread that she reeled off the end, I was able to salvage a good part of the spool. Hey - it's the only one I have of that color. But I cut out a LOT of thread.

A lot of thread went bye bye
 Murphy is like a cat - she loves to play with sewing things! Lexi couldn't care less. Now that job is done and I put the spool away and I've learned to NEVER leave anything sewing related laying around.

I managed to get all the blocks together for the scrappy flannel quilt. Yeah - this part is done and it's off the design wall. I hope to cut the borders later today and might even get them on. This is one of my UFOs from last year and it would be nice to put this one to bed. But there's fabric for a second one in the box, so I had better keep working away so this UFO can be completely finished.

Scrappy flannel quilt
 Guess what?  I started a NEW quilt this morning. No wonder I'm not getting those UFOs done. But as I said before, I'm NOT starting anything new that I don't plan to finish in the very near future. This one is super simple and I'll tell you where it's going when I'm done. But it's very cute and definitely NOT my normal choice of fabric, but I LOVE IT!!!!

Blocks for a new quilt
 And while I've been working on things, I'm also working on my pixelated apple as my enders and leaders. Very close to finishing the fourth block. That is super exciting and hey - if I keep this up, I might actually get this project finished this year. I want to say there are 16 blocks in the quilt?  Maybe 20.

Progress on 4th pixelated apple quilt block

I'm also happy to report that ALL of the homework for today's two classes is DONE!!!  Yes - I'm up-to-date!  I hope to keep that up all year. It really shouldn't be that difficult? Right?  I was hoping to get a couple of my table runners quilted, but that never happened so that is homework for this coming month.

And that's the progress report for today. Tomorrow is a Sit n Sew day and there's no danger of the weather being a deterrent like it was last week. Am I allowed to actually say that? We do live in Canada after all where the weather changes on a dime.

That means no long arm quilting until Tuesday. Oops - OK - this coming week, I've got to be super focused to get caught up!

Have a super day!!!!


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