Wednesday, February 14, 2018

What I did yesterday................

In case you didn't see them, there were THREE posts yesterday. I have to say the feedback from my post on "advice to fabric companies" was amazing. Thanks to everyone who read the post and commented. So if all the consumers know what's happening in the industry, why aren't the fabric companies in tune with our buying habits? Oh - they don't have a clue! Anyway - enough about that!

Today there's only one post. I had a great morning doing paperwork. Got a lot done, but the piles - yes there are now piles that need to be addressed. I know - you're wondering what on earth does she have in all those piles?

Well, there are patterns to write - five or six of them. And in some cases, the fabric (or the leftovers) are with the "to be written" instructions so that makes the pile bigger. There are articles or notes that I've ripped (gasp!) from magazines that I want to share with you on the blog. There are requirements for upcoming classes to be written. Information relating to new quilts that I want to design, retreats that need to be organized, personal papers that need to be taken care of - you see - there's all kinds of stuff to be done.

However, by making paperwork a priority in the morning, I'm actually getting stuff done and I'm happy about that!

And what about the weather today? Spring is coming!!!  Spring is coming!!!  It's a glorious day and it's supposed to get to 4 C so the snow and ice will continue to melt. I must schedule a walk this afternoon. Fortunately, our driveway faces the afternoon sun so we're not in too bad of shape at the moment. But less snow piled on the sides of the drive would be nice!!!

Had to postpone the Sit n Sew because someone in the house is sick with the flu and it's not me! If I so much as get a sniffle, I'm going to be mad!!!  That's why I try to take good care of myself and sweated out buckets this morning at that spin class. My god - Joseph is brutal. But I cranked out an "easy" 31 K in 60 minutes.

Yesterday afternoon, I was back in the studio to try and get more work done. And I did - got done what was on the schedule so that was good.

I quilted two projects for a customer. Neither was huge so it was easy to get them both done in the afternoon.

Customer quilt - DONE

Customer quilt - DONE
 I've got a big one to work on now and I hope to get it loaded this afternoon. I'll start to quilt it tomorrow as I have a bit of urgent sewing that I want to get done today.

I promised that I would share the applique quilt with you that I was working on and here it is!!!  Isn't it adorable?

Limp on a Limb

Does anyone recognize this??  It's a pattern based on Charley Harper's artwork. Here's a link to the originalKeri Duke, who lives in Hawaii!  takes Charley's artwork and makes quilt patterns out of it. Keep in mind - it's all legit - she has the blessing of the Charley Harper foundation and they are sticklers for colors/fabrics - every little detail has to be approved before she moves forward with a pattern. Which is why I had to make this one - we changed one of the fabrics from Keri's original quilt that she made. Once the color switch was approved, I could proceed to make the quilt. Why did I have to make it?  It's going to be a kit that you can purchase and we needed a picture with the new coloring.  Check out Keri's web page (the link is above in her name). She has interpreted many of Charley's art pieces and they are so cute! Simple but cute!!

It's hanging on my wall in the family room and it's so cool!!!  I have one other pattern from Keri and I might try to make it now. Lots of fiddly work, but so worth it. You can do fusible applique if you want, but I turned all the edges under and stitched them down.

On that note, I had better get my act together and get some of this paperwork off my desk. People are starting to ask me now and that's not good.

Have a super day!!!!


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