Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Where did that deadline come from?


So I was tidying up the Current Projects table a couple of days ago, and OH MY - what's this? Why that's the Trendtex Challenge for the upcoming Canadian Quilter's Association virtual quilt show in June. Hmm - what's the deadline? OH -- for the quilts to be part of the judging process, they need to be received by April 5. OH! 

Well, that's doable! When I first received the kit months ago, an idea had popped into my head, and no better idea came along. So I decided to go for it. Normally, I try to do original things with these challenges, but this time, I had seen a pattern that I thought was perfect. Now, where is that pattern, and oh my - I need a special tool for the pattern. 

Here's the kit, by the way. 

The Trendtex Challenge kit for 2021

It was only this morning that I checked the OFFICIAL rules. Thankfully, I had made several of these challenges in the past, so I was well within the rules. However, there are a couple of those fat quarters for which I had mere scraps of fabric left, and in some cases, I had to join pieces together to get 1½" squares! 

I quickly located the tool and the pattern. Thank goodness for sorting and organizing. And I'm happy to report that the top is almost finished. I have four seams to sew, and the top is totally together. It needs to be quilted, and it'll get quilted to death! Then the binding, label, and sleeve. It's totally doable to get that off to Ottawa by April 5. Loads of time!

I have to admit that it's wonderful to have time to actually make that happen. Yes - I have lots to do, but I'm working around the deadlines and getting things done. I got some writing assignments done yesterday and more to work on today. 

This is my stack of stuff that is prepped and ready to sew. I had big plans for Monday Sewing, and the only thing I managed to work on was my challenge piece. No worries - these are prepped and ready to go when I need some mindless sewing. Well, putting the binding on the inside of that yoga bag (yes - still not done!) will not be mindless. 

Sewing projects prepped and ready to sew

I had to laugh as I was looking at the Current Projects table. The two tables beside that other table is a parking lot for embroidery units and extension tables. Yikes!!! 

Machine embroidery units and extension tables

There are machines on the floor..................

PFAFF creative icon

Machines in the film studio ........................

Husqvarna Viking DESIGNER Sapphire 85

And in the work area. It's total chaos! Well, it's not that bad, it's actually pretty tidy, and I know where things are. That's all that counts. There are three sewing machines and a serger in this photo!

Lots of machines in the current work area

I see one other challenge for CQA members, and it involves some orange fabrics, so I really should do that one as well. I learn so much from making a challenge, so I'm always up for doing one. The deadline for that one is May, so LOADS of time. 

Speaking of timing, how efficient is this. Of course, I'm obsessed with the Appalachian Trail at the moment. YES - I'm obsessed, and that's OK. Even if I don't actually walk one of these historic trails, it gives me some focus, a dream, and a potential goal. 

I searched the library catalog in the morning and found the movie and a book. I didn't even pay attention to which branch of the library they were located. 

Turns out it was my own branch because I got an alert in the afternoon that the items were ready for pick-up. I immediately made an appointment for later in the day, and by 4 PM, my book and movie were sitting on the table outside the branch waiting to be picked up! I couldn't have gotten better service if I had gone to the library in person!!!

So here's the movie! I just downloaded the VLC media player, so I'll see if I can get the movie to play later today or tomorrow. 

A Walk in the Woods movie 

And here's the book I got. HEY -- I always say - Dream BIG!!! Doesn't that look like me? HA!!!

A book about the Appalachian Trail

Apparently, this person's claim to fame is the FASTEST KNOWN TIME to complete the Appalachian Trail. That will be far from me. But I love reading these kinds of books. Always an inspiration, and they keep me motivated. 

I was curious - what was her time? 46 days, 11 hours, and 20 minutes. That insane!!  That means an average of 47 miles a day. That's just wrong - you wouldn't even have time to smell the trees as you walked through the endless forests or to stop at the scenic outlooks or chat with others you meet. Somehow, that just seems wrong. 

I had to chuckle because Linda suggested that I only need to walk PART of the trail. And yes - that is indeed true. However, since I can't read just ONE magazine article but insist on reading the entire thing from cover to cover (I don't read ads - thankfully), it would be a challenge to only walk PART of one of the historic trails. It's just a thing I've had my entire life. Going to read a book that's part of a series? NO WAY - I have to start at the beginning of the series. 

I told you I have obsessive traits, and that's just one of them. I'm trying with the magazine thing. I'm trying!! 

So things are on track. I need to find a photograph of a quilt - that's my main goal for today. No luck so far, and I've asked my Dad to take a picture of the quilt, which seems to be a HUGE issue. I don't know why so I must follow up with him today. Sigh.................

Oh my - I read that article on sorting through the magazines, and it makes total sense. I'll try to share it with you tomorrow. 

Today, why not tackle the shoes at your front door?? Are there shoes that no one wears any longer? Boots that may need to be put away? 

Well, it's another action-packed day at my house and time to get the day started. In case you're wondering, I added that missing 4 KM to my virtual challenges. I mean - I did walk them and retraced my steps yesterday to verify the missing mileage. 

Have a super day!!!!


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