Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Can I ask a question?

Oh, shoot! I set yesterday's post on a timer and realized I still needed to change the time when I hit Publish. So it got published late. Sorry about that!!

Today it's live from my hotel room in Rochester, NY, or actually, we're in a small town on the east side of Rochester. 

And there are no pictures today. Sorry -- I took a ton of pictures, not nothing to share with you. WAIT -- that's not true. I'll share many of these pictures with my embroidery club, but only as I make samples. OK -- I caved -- I added a couple of pictures later! 

Let's step back and tell you why I'm here. As you know, I'm an educator for PFAFF and Husqvarna Viking sewing and embroidery machines. I'm one of three Canadians, and we travel across Canada to get people inspired. We have a team in the US who do the same thing. And I had the opportunity to shadow Karen Charles, who is our BEST educator by far. Sorry to the other ladies, but Karen is an artist and isn't afraid to show it! She uses her sewing machine like a pencil and can make it do all sorts of things you wouldn't think possible with a sewing machine. 

As I mentioned yesterday, if you aren't watching her Facebook Lives -- you should! I've known Karen for four years, and she is a gem. Her personality in real life is - well -- it's larger than LIFE. I love her!!

So I got to shadow Karne for two days as her events were very close to me, and I'm so happy I have this chance. 

I'm also here today and going home after the end of the event. 

I've already been up early this morning and written tons of notes on how what I saw can improve how I do my events (do not want to copy), but I want to change up some of my stuff and making samples? I'll be heads down for months! That learning thing -- it never ends!!!

We're at Sew Creative, an amazing store with fantastic staff. There are so many fabulous samples around the store, and I NEED A sewing/embroidery machine right now! I want to create! And yes -- I did a little bit of shopping. I tried to restrain myself, and as someone in my Monday group said -- if you're going to use it, buy it! If you're not, then don't! 

I did not go crazy and mostly picked up some thread, one pattern, and some weird materials to work with! So all in all, I was very good. 

Did you ever realize that asking questions is the best way to learn anything? I don't like to talk about myself -- who cares about me? But I LOVE to ask questions because people want to talk, especially if they are passionate about something. That's something to think about next time you're in a conversation. No one likes to hear others talk about themselves or their problems unless it's that kind of a conversation. But in a group setting or Zoom? Nope -- ask questions -- you'll be amazed at what you can learn! I'm shocked at how fearful people are of asking questions --- ASK!!!!!

I asked a lot of questions during dinner. And along with my observations during the day, I wrote several pages of notes this morning! 

Are kids being taught to have proper conversations these days? With all their social media and short attention spans -- we shouldn't be taking what we are given -- we should learn to have others give to us by answering our questions. And you need OPEN-ENDED questions, not those that can be answered with a yes or a no!!

But I digress. 

Then Michelle and I went to Hobby Lobby, where we were pursuing the cutest little pie dish ever. It's individual pie sized, and I WANT one!

Cutest pie dish ever

Anyway -- we did some quick shopping as I knew what I wanted -- well, I didn't, but I managed to find something after the disappointment of not finding the pie plate. It was a Thanksgiving item, but we hoped to find a similar one for Christmas. 

I bought some yarn and beads on a string. All were on sale, and I spent less than $20, and it's all got a purpose! Some of the stuff I bought doesn't have an immediate need, but when I make samples, I'll need these supplies!

I could have bought a sewing machine cover -- but seriously??? If I need to buy something that I can make? That's not good! NO -- I want to use some techniques and fabric that I have available to me -- there is no need to buy one of those. Isn't that an oxymoron? Buying a cover for your sewing machine?

Sewing machine cover?

My roaming finally kicked in -- almost 24 hours after I arrived. Although I rebooted my phone and turned on the roaming, it didn't like that. So I shut off the roaming and turned it back on, which seemed to do the trick. I plan to get out this morning and do at least one geocache, and it's in the parking lot of the store. Now, how convenient is that? 

I have the best job in the world! I have access to some incredible toys and the time (OK -- so I'm lying about that) to make samples. I just need to put these samples on the priority list. This is the kind of job that works for the curious (that's me). Why does this thread work better than that? What does this tension dial do? I am amazed and likely will be until I die, but people are AFRAID of the tension dial on their sewing machine, and yet -- it's one of the machine's BEST features. It allows you to be so darn creative with so many products! I've known that for years!

You just wait --- I'm trying to put together a class that deals with tension and thread!! My biggest issue is how to deliver it, as I need to get a kit to the students, as I'm working with a thread company. I might try a small group on Zoom. 

Did I learn anything new yesterday? Although I wasn't here to learn anything (because I would hope that I know how the PFAFF creative icon 2 works, I did learn one thing that I needed to be made aware of! I am mostly here to observe and to get inspired. My brain about exploded yesterday and today's a new day! But I got confirmation that I know my stuff, which was equally important. I may have learned that a different delivery of the material I know might benefit me when I teach! 

Well, enough of me rambling on. It's time to get moving!!

Have a super day!!


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  1. Hello: Greetings from close to Rochester NY. Happy to read you had a good time in Fairport. I don't get up there too often. Have a good weekend.