Friday, November 4, 2022

Into the fog

I'm HOME!!!!! I got home just after 11 PM, which was good considering that I didn't leave until after 6:30 PM. Everything got crammed into the car -- how do I ever travel by plane? I guess I just take a lot less stuff! But this was what I faced all the way home. 

A lone foggy night

Don't worry -I was in a parking lot when I took that picture. But as the afternoon wore on, the fog rolled in, and it stayed. It's still foggy this morning. Thankfully, there wasn't too much traffic, and for the most part, people slowed down - a bit! But I swear there are some people and I wonder what's their hurry? I'm on a twin highway and in the passing lane following a transport and several cars. We can't move to the right lane because there are other vehicles, and I've got someone on my bumper. Can you tell me why? It's not like I'm holding up the traffic. There are many cars in front of me. 

That just drives me crazy under any circumstances. On a foggy night, it's just stupid. That happened more than once, and when I could, I pulled over and let them get one car ahead of me. Sigh!!!

I stopped for a break about one hour from home. I had a snooze, and then I was good to go. I listened to the latest Stephanie Plum book, which kept me entertained. Those are the silliest books ever, but what the heck, we can't always read the serious. 

I brought in nothing last night. It's all still jammed in the car, and I'll bring it in this morning. But my day started like this -- the waffle maker was OUT OF ORDER. No worries, I wasn't going to have waffles anyway. But I did find out why the hotels were as full as they were. There was a woman's ball hockey and men's hockey tournaments in town. And we were close to the arena. 

Out of order

After breakfast, with some time to kill, I found this walking path close to the hotel and set out to do some geocaching. 

On the hunt for geocaches

The first one was easy, and when I arrived at the second one, I looked at the information, and it said, "wheelchair accessible." OK -- so there's just trees around, and I looked up, and there it was. That teal green thing near the top. That is NOT wheelchair accessible. I could reach it standing, but not from a wheelchair. It doesn't matter. I've added more points to my goal, and I got some bonus points, so that helps. Then it was time to get back to the store. 

A geocache hanging from the tree

I had forgotten my USB stick with the presentation at the store and needed to delete some slides. One of the technicians rode to work on his bike and let me in. But not before, I admired this giant quilt on the side of the store. It's painted on, and it's beautiful. I meant to ask the store about it, but I totally forgot!

Quilt mural on the side of the store

And someone drives this cool car. How fun is that? OK -- -so I don't like to compare stores, but this is a happening store. I'm talking about Stitch by Stitch in Kingston. It's a store filled with fun and brightness. There's an active service center on-site. There's a long-arm quilter, who quilts all day, they have a bright, cheery classroom with a classroom coordinator, and the store itself is well-stocked with fun things. It just seemed like a buzz of activity. Part of that was because we had the events, but I suspect it's a happening store all the time. And Heather is a wonderful lady who is pulled in all directions! But how can you not love her! 

The fun mobile!

I spotted these little bowls on the quilt that was being quilted. One was for threads -- how cool is that. I just fling the threads behind me and hope they hit the garbage. I LOVE this idea, but my Swifter will get depressed, but it still has lots of lint to pick up!

A thread catcher for the long arm

And let's talk about the remote for the TV. I guess this must be a smartTV with some popular streaming services built into the remote. Oh well -- I have a lot to learn if I ever decide to watch TV again, which I doubt. 

The TV remote

However, I had some time before the presentation, and I had to figure out how to connect my laptop to the TV. I had to ask one question, but I now have it figured out. DUH! I think I've just got lucky in the past, but now I see where the controls are on my computer to make that happen. 

And once I was done with my presentation, I figured out how to get into the internet on my computer and project it onto the TV. It's much different than when we do it on Zoom. 

Let's chat a wee bit about Zoom versus in-person events. These last two days convinced me that IN PERSON is so much better. OK -- don't shoot me --I still love Zoom and will NOT let that go. But the in-person and sharing of the actual samples with people was amazing. I enjoyed it, and the customers in attendance enjoyed it. The only problem is that one person who attended wore a mask, and I didn't recognize her until she took it off. Oh my -- it was WENDY, who has been in many of my classes!! Good to meet you in person!

I think people ask more questions in person. We had an excellent discussion in both the quilting session and the discussion of the mySewnet brand -- our software, the connectivity to the sewing and embroidery machines, the internet, and our apps. I have to say that I impressed myself, and it was probably the best presentation I have ever done! I wanted to buy the mySewnet software! Wait -- I already have it! 

And can you believe that some of them "accused" me of being passionate about what I do? I had a good chuckle over that. I'm not passionate? Am I? OK -- I am, and I'm obsessed with it as well. Guilty as charged and PROUD of it! 

I see it's time to get ready to walk the girls. I have one fun class this morning, and I'm free from appointments for several days. But I have a TON of work to do, so I'll keep myself amused somehow!

Have a super day!!!


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  1. Loved your 3 sessions! My head is spinning with ideas and what our machines and software can do! It’s limitless! Appreciate that I was able to attend! I drove in the opposite direction after the class, fog lifted half way back to Cornwall! But Since arriving in Ontario I find people drive very fast and love to tailgate on all kinds of roads! We moved into our new rental today, anxious to set ip my sewing room and get going! Thank you so much for such informative, interesting and fun classes at Stitch by Stitch whose goal is support all their customers! Bravo!!
    Pat Davies,