Saturday, November 26, 2022

I am NOT a thief

OK -- so this happened yesterday, and it's not about Murphy!

I went to the mall - OK -- so I went to check out the flip phones, and I thought I'd also buy some yarn. I know -- I do not need more yarn, but this gorgeous chenille yarn is so fun to use with the embellishment attachment for my embroidery machines. The day before, I had seen white, which I didn't have. 

As I entered Walmart, I noticed someone had called me and thought I'd call them back. I did NOT have earbuds with me, so I had to hold my phone to my ear. 

I got to the craft section and wandered around, looking at everything while chatting. Then I hit the yarn and started looking at all the options. I'm still on my phone. I must have been on the call for about 10 minutes? I didn't check. I finally hung up and, by this time, had decided to get white and light pink. 

Chenille yarn

I turned to leave and spotted not one but TWO security guards ambling toward me. Oh - I never thought much about that. 

Then I'm going down the store's central aisle to the cash, and an employee with a cart breathlessly asks me, "Do you need help?" Seriously??? No one asks if you need help, especially when walking through the store. You can never find someone when you want them. 

OH NO!!!! I bet they thought I was trying to shoplift, and people popped out of the woodwork to see what I was doing! Yikes! 

And I wasn't hard to spot in my BRIGHT ORANGE jacket and orange headband. Think about it, people - if I were going to shoplift, I'd wear a hoodie and sunglasses! In hindsight, some people wouldn't care what they wore if they were going to steal. I made it through the self-checkout -- I don't even know if there is any other kind at the store these days. And through the buzzer at the door - it did NOT beep. And I was good! 

At least they were on the ball, but I wonder if they would have stopped me and looked in my shopping bag? Can they do that? Or was just their presence enough to "scare" me? I guess I did give them a reason to pause since I was loitering in the store while on my phone! I bet they get a lot of that, and I'm going to guess that's why I got the reaction I did! 

And I thought it was only Murphy who got into trouble!

I never even thought that it was Black Friday. The mall was busy but not crowded, so it never even crossed my mind. 

However, I did see a few people waiting to get their picture with Santa, who was now sitting on the fireplace!  

Santa at the mall

The display at the mall is really quite pretty. 

Christmas display at the mall

Back to the phone thing. I'm tempted to get rid of this phone, but I won't! I'm too cheap, and it doesn't happen all the time. However, I'm not alone in having dead spots in my house, or my phone cut out. I need to investigate what could be causing the interference. But they now have deals that you can lease your phone for $5 a month? Seriously?? I need to call about my current contract. That's practically stealing the phone! 

Why would you buy a phone if you can lease the latest for $5 a month? I bet they jacked up the cost of the service to compensate for that. 

I laughed at this sign about fire prevention close to the mall. 

A fire prevention sign near the mall

On its own, it's not a big deal, except it's right beside a restaurant that burned down a couple of years ago, and nothing has been done with the space! I thought it was ironic! 

The birds are back in town! I've no idea how those birds know that seed has been put out, but they seem to sense it. Now to see who comes -- I've got suet and bird seed, but I need to find some sunflower-only seed for the cardinals. 

One of the bird feeders

And here's the front windows - barricaded for Murphy's safety and to prevent me from buying a new window. See those small tables? The vents are under the tables, but she still managed to pounce on that one I had to repair the other day. 

The barricaded windows

And the bike prevents her from jumping on the big window. I HATE when people walk by with their dogs, and Murphy is going mad, and they stay there, thinking it's funny! Seriously -- move on!!! I'm tempted to put a big sign out there. $10 to stop and watch my dog go mad or get your butt and mutt moving!

I'm down to three hours and a bit on The Storm Sister. OK -- so the characters in the book are as frustrated as I am with decisions being made. So there better be a good reason for all that before I finish! I will admit there is one problem with an audiobook -- it's hard to go back and find a particular spot. Or they need to have a chart someplace with the main characters listed, or you have a discussion with someone about the book. Many characters' lives are intertwined, and the names are hard to catch, as they are Norwegian! 

There's another QUILTsocial blog post for you to check out. I'm so excited about what I made this week and how easy it was to do!! I've got many other ideas rolling around in my head. 

Don't forget it's Virtual Retreat tonight and tomorrow. Remember --- ANYONE can join our shenanigans. It's just a bunch of us from around the country (and the world) to share our love of sewing and keep each other company. It sure beats sewing alone!! You can pop in to say HI or stay all day! It's up to you! And some people come and go as permitted in their schedule! I've got a HUGE stack of stuff to take care of this weekend. Mostly fixed things that I didn't like about a project I recently finished! More on that tomorrow!

Here's the link to Saturday, November 26, starting at 6 PM. 

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 892 5423 3911 Passcode: 982797

And here's the link to Sunday, November 27, starting at NOON.

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 816 9371 7518 Passcode: 579285

The dates for the Virtual Retreat in December are the 17th and 18th since the regular date would fall on Christmas Eve, and well, I don't know how many people would attend! I'd be there, but likely by myself!

And now I must go as I still have one more presentation to prepare for this morning. Oops - I should have done it yesterday, but I did not. 

No time to tell you about the under-desk drawer, hopefully, tomorrow. 

Have a super day!!!!



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